Choosing the Best Option from Different Types of Kitchen Worktops


When you are in the process of building a home, selecting materials for each area can be quite daunting. In choosing a kitchen counter, for example, several options are available, and you need to compare the pros and cons of each to find the most suitable material that fits your home’s design as well as your lifestyle.

Apart from choosing a countertop that looks good, you also need to consider functionality, durability, and affordability. Here is a comparison of different kinds of kitchen countertops to guide you in selecting which is best for your new kitchen.

Granite kitchen countertops

Granite is very popular for kitchen countertops and is often regarded as one of the top choices if you are looking for countertops that look excellent and at the same time raise the property value. Granite is a natural stone, and there are many granite worktop London suppliers with extensive varieties to choose from. One of the main selling points for granite is the organic appearance and natural colours. Granite is also durable and scratch resistant.

Nevertheless, you still need to take precautions because once granite chips, it can be difficult to repair. Since granite is a sought-after material, it also tends to be on the pricier side. To keep the cost low, you may want to compare estimates from different builders and modify your kitchen design.

Laminate kitchen countertops

Another term used for laminate is Formica which is a brand name. Laminate used in kitchen countertops is a combination of high-quality paper bonded with resin. Laminate is an affordable option compared with stone countertops, and there are designs that mimic wood and natural stone which can look quite lovely as well. However, what you compromise on is the quality. Laminate is not as durable as other kitchen countertop materials.

Marble kitchen countertops

Another natural stone, marble produces kitchen surfaces with a high sheen. Marble can complement any design and comes in a variety of colours. One of the downsides of marble is that it is a porous material. You’ll need to apply sealant once every few years to protect the surface from stains. Similar to natural stone, like granite, marble countertops also tend to be more expensive.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz is a type of engineered stone produced by binding together ground-up stone using resin. The resin content of quartz makes it resistant to stains but susceptible to heat damage. Quartz countertops raise the value of a home, but it is also an expensive material like granite.

Wood or butcher block kitchen countertops

If you want a more sustainable option for your kitchen countertop, butcher block is an excellent option. Wood is also perfect if your home’s design is rustic. On the downside, wood is high maintenance. You’ll need to apply sealant once every six months to prevent bacteria and mould growth. In general, the significant amount of maintenance required to keep wood countertops in top shape may turn-off potential property buyers and could lower the home’s resale value.

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