5 Important Principles to Stick to If You Want to Get the Most out of Your Truck Accident Settlement


While motor vehicle accidents in general are dangerous and can be deadly, truck accidents are even more so just because of the fact that they are so much larger.

Road crashes are one of the top five causes of fatalities in the world, and that number is climbing. Many of these fatalities were caused by truck accidents, and even more people were injured.

Some of these accidents were preventable, and others were caused by negligent drivers. Large trucks take longer to stop than regular cars, and many people don’t account for that before pulling out in front of one. Truck drivers are on the road long distances and can easily get drowsy or distracted, as well.

Whatever the reason for your accident, if you were injured due to a collision with a large truck and you are filing a lawsuit for your injuries, you need to stick to some important basic principles to get the most out of your settlement.

5 Important Principles to Stick to During Your Truck Accident Case

1. Find an attorney you feel comfortable with and trust in them to serve your best interests

This is important because your truck accident lawyer likely has experience in this field and knows the whole picture, while you only know parts. Trusting in them to guide your steps is a major principle that you need to stick with.

2. Focus on your healing, not your settlement

The best way for you to win your case is to prove that you are indeed injured. This will naturally happen if you go to your doctor appointments and follow their plan of treatment. The documentation that you incur while you are on your medical care plan will play a huge part in your case.

3. Don’t talk about the details of your case to others

What you say can be used against you when you least expect it. This holds particularly true for dealing with insurance companies and their agents. Let your attorney talk to them for you and do the negotiations.

4. Be available and open to communication with your attorney

Most law offices will keep in touch with you about once a month to share the status of your case and answer your questions. However, if they contact you in between those times, they probably need your input on something important. Be open to communication and make yourself available as reasonably soon as possible.

5. Honesty is always the best policy with your lawyer

If there are skeletons in your closet that may affect the outcome of your case, don’t close your eyes to them and pretend they are not there. It is very likely that the other party is working hard to dig up a defense in any means possible. If there is a secret, they will probably find it, and telling your lawyer about it early on will help them to be able to guard you against the consequences.

Stick to Your Principles

When big money is on the table, as it often is in large truck settlements, it can be tempting to let your emotions run high and blur the lines between black and white. Stick to ethical principles and trust in your attorney and the process to get you as much compensation as you are entitled to, and focus on moving forward in your life and recovering from your accident.


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