An off-beat set of things you can do and see while traveling across the USA


A vacation in the USA can be a dream come true for many, but planning it can be daunting. The USA is a country of 50 states with every possible climate, geographical formation, vegetation type and technology within its borders. Depending on the kind of holiday you want, you can stick to national parks, race courses, and sea beaches or you can travel through the hearts of some of the biggest and busiest cities of the world.

NYC, New York

What is a travel list of the US without a plan in NYC? Walking across the Times Square, catching a glimpse of the setting sun through the skyscrapers, visiting the famous restaurants for lunch and hogging on the street for dinner, there are so many things to do. No matter what time of the year you visit the US, do not forget to grab a slice of the Big Apple.

Vermont, New England

After New York City, you might want to catch a glimpse of nature in her full splendor. There is no better place than Vermont to do it. Drive to Mt Equinox, follow the Prospect Rock Trail, and explore Bennington and the imposing architecture. All in all, Vermont is a beautiful escape from the busy city life.

Chicago, Illinois

It is officially the second largest city after NYC. If you have been to New York, there is no excuse for you to skip Chicago. It is home to the most famous architectural wonders of the USA including the Space Needles. Explore Lake Michigan or walk to the art museums of the city. Chicago will keep you on your toes.


Washington is a slice of the real USA culture and life. It is home to all the most important monuments, museums, and homes. It is the perfect place to revisit the history of the country.

California Coast, California

Not a lot of drives and views compare to the drive along the Pacific coastline of California. Starting from the Golden Gate in San Fran, through Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and ending at San Diego, the long drive is one that amazes many tourists and travelers. You can make pit stops along the way to experience the real American culture.

San Francisco, Northern California

The Golden Gate Bridget, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park and the Alcatraz island command at least a couple of days of a tourist’s time. San Francisco is home to many wonders, and you need to plan carefully to catch a glimpse of each one before you set out on the long drive.

Turf Paradise, Arizona

After some action at the Grand Canyon, you might want to catch live horse racing at the Turf Paradise race course. They host thoroughbred races with live and simulcast races. Watching live action is infinitely more exciting than catching a race.

Los Angeles, Southern California

Since you will be passing through LA during your drive, it only makes sense to spend at least one night there. Apart from the iconic Hollywood sign, LA is home to famous studios including Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros. If you are a movie buff, you might want to take a guided tour take takes you across the Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame and the Griffith Park.

San Diego, California

Since your long drive will end here, you should plan a stop for a couple of days at SanDiego. SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and La Jolla Cove are must-visit options for all tourists from across the world.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Once you are in the southern-most part of Cali, you might want to move into Arizona and drive to the Grand Canyon. It is one of the most popular natural wonders of the world. The 277-mile long canyon has multiple sunset and sunrise viewpoints. Some experiential travel agencies also arrange for camps and excursions along the canyon.

No matter what you choose to do, be sure to mix things up a little. The USA is a land of many wonders and being too narrow with your interests can cause you to miss out!


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