4 Travel Hacks That Every RV Owner Must Know


Since RVs came out on the market, they have revolutionized the way we camp. With new vehicles and equipment designed to make the experience more enjoyable, there is always something new for even the expert RV owner. Here are five travel hacks to make your next trip run smoothly.

Organization and Storage

While RVing was really changed from the small campers in the 1950s. Nowadays RVs are known for their use of space, often including an extra bunk and storage space in every corner. Still, finding a place for everything is a challenge and keeping it in place while on the road, is an even bigger challenge. Use shoe organizers, with pockets to keep things sorted and contained. You can also use shower caddies with suction cups that can be affixed to the walls or mounted along the base of the bed. A great hack for the bathroom is to use a towel bar to hold all your toiletries in place.

New Appliances

If you haven’t been in anew RV lately, you might be surprised to find that they feature a wide range of new appliances. These can all be added into your camper, no matter the age or style. From microwaves and dishwashers, washers and dryers, to entertainment systems with built in surround sound, the newest GPS system, and even satellite dishes. The RV lifestyle, which started out as a trip involving playing board games or I Spy, has turned into one all about technology.The kids can sit in the back and watch the latest movies on the flat screen, while they charge their iPhones.


Sure when you are hooked up to an electrical campsite, lighting isn’t a problem. But what about when you are on the road or roughing it in the wilderness. Flashlights are the go-to camp light but they can be awkward to juggle if carrying anything else. As well, they never end up where you put them last. For your next trip, pick up some portable LEDs for easy access in the bathroom and kitchen. These push button lights are a great addition to night time RV enjoyment.

For safety, add some glow in the dark tape on the stairs so you can get in and out of the RV without missing a step. You can also use glow sticks and solar lights for a fun and illuminated time. Whether you’re staying in one place on an extended trip or living out of it as you go travel cross country, these hacks will keep you from stumbling around in the darkness.

New Campgrounds

Get the most out of your next trip by strategically choosing your campgrounds. New RV parks not only feature electric, water, and sewer but they may also include internet hook up along with pools, spas, and other hotel amenities. Check out the amenities and you will find it is often worth your while to drive a little bit out of your way to have more activities and entertainment. Search campsite reviews to see the places that offer free wifi, snacks, planned activities and more.

RV owners will find this lifestyle is going to continue to grow in popularity for the versatility, luxury and practicality it offers. As technology advances, RVs and the tools and tricks to travel in them will continue to be updated and continue to push the boundaries as an option for travel.


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