Travel Guide: One of a Kind Perks of Prague


In lack of better words, Prague is a luminous Bohemian jewel resting on Vltava – the Czech national river – which you simply have to include in your bucket list. It exudes a peculiar old-world class that literally no other European capital can match. Just by looking at the pictures of this medieval urban jungle is enough to lure you for a curious visit. Gleaming spires, medieval castles, ancient bridges, awe-inspiring churches of fragile Gothic beauty – all in pristine condition!

Best of all, Prague possesses certain characteristics that are hardly encountered during travels. From serving as a cultural buffer zone between Slavic and Germanic influences to being one of the most affordable European destinations to date, this city is genuinely one of a kind. Prague is ranked sixth in TripAdvisor’s list of 2016’s best world destinations, receiving more than 8.5 million visitors annually. So if you have been hesitating on visiting the City of Hundred Spires, hopefully, these following perks will seal the deal for you.

A city where beer is religion

Prague has a hefty Wikipedia page about its beer and that speaks volumes! With the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, this title is earned thanks to a religious brew-making history that dates back to the early Middle Ages. Czech pale lagers of pilsner type paved the way for the establishment of one the strongest beer industries in the world.

You cannot go wrong with brands like Pilsner Urquell – the world’s first pilsner, Staropramen, Kozel, Radegast, Gambrinus, and Budweiser Budvar. And we are not even going to speak about the abundance of microbreweries selling their unique craft beers. We will leave that for you to discover during the famous guided pub crawl tours.

Architectural opulence

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has been standing shoulder to shoulder with top European destinations like Paris, London, Istanbul, and Rome. Luckily, the majority of the city was spared from the damages of World War II, allowing most of the architectural splendor to remain in its authentic form. And boy, is it glorious!

The city contains one of the world’s most pristine and varied collections of architecture on the planet. Edifices and monuments come in all identifiable styles available, from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo to Art Nouveau, Cubist, Neo-Classical and ultra-modern. Get ready your mobile phones and 4K camcorders because every street, square, and facade has some Instagram eye candy to offer.

Famous tourist landmarks

The Czech capital is teeming with tourist attractions, it is impossible to find a dull moment. But the most imposing structure that towers the entire city is definitely the Prague Castle with the late Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral at the helm. This castle complex holds the World Guinness record as the largest ancient fortified structure occupying an area of almost 70,000 square meters (750,000 square feet). It also serves as the official office of the president of the Czech Republic and the seat of Archbishop of Prague.

Other most notable attractions include the ancient Charles Bridge adorned with continuous alleys of predominantly Baroque-styled statues and statuettes. Explore the pristine St. Nichols Church and the Church Of Our Lady Victorious with a lavish wax-coated wooden statue of Jesus. Measure your time from Prague Orloj, the third oldest astronomical clock that displays relative positions of celestial bodies – and the only one still operating. Or say grace at Lennon Wall swarming with graffiti inspired by the Beatles and the late singer’s songs.

If this doesn’t convince you to visit Prague at least once in your lifetime, nothing will. The Golden City has it all and it is waiting for you to fall in love with it. And best of all, the experience won’t cost you at all.


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