Guide to How the Best Translation Agencies Can Benefit Your Brand In 2021


For many businesses, 2020 hasn’t been the best year. Widespread disruption and economic turbulence are never ideal, whether you’re running a tiny, local enterprise or a major global business. With so much having happened in the global business environment in 2020, many brands have their sights fixed firmly on 2021. So how are you going to harness the potential that the year brings? If it’s through multilingual eCommerce or service delivery, then read on to discover how using the best translation agencies can benefit your brand.

Why only the best translation agencies should handle your marketing

If you’re looking to build a global business or shore up an existing one, then suitable brand exposure will be a key component of your work in 2021. People buy from companies that they trust. As such, you’ll need to position yourself as a reliable and respected leader in your particular sector. Using the right translation agency can help you to do so. The agency can help you use content marketing in multiple languages to build up your brand’s reputation as a global business that’s going places.

The global business environment is tough. The World Economic Outlook is projecting global growth of -4.9% in 2020. That’s a huge, international economic contraction. Why is global business important? Because the economic turbulence means that many companies are having to look further afield for their customers. As consumers cut back on their spending, businesses – including yours – will need to compete more creatively in order to survive. This is why using only the best online translation agencies in 2021 is so important.

One of the ways that these agencies can benefit your brand is through support with multilingual marketing activities. Having a decent translation agency at your side means that you’ll be able to deliver well-crafted and accurately translated marketing materials to overseas customers.

And if you’re translating marketing materials then you’ll also need to localize them. It’s not enough to simply translate English to Spanish and then sit back and wait for the customers to roll in. You’ll need to mould your marketing materials to suit the cultural nuances of your target audience as well as the linguistic ones. This is what localization takes care of.

Localization allows you to develop slick, effective direct marketing materials that really speak to your intended audience. Your ads will read as though they were originally created with that audience in mind and will provide your global business with the best possible chance of success in building up your customer base and increasing sales. That’s why it’s so essential to use one of the best online translation agencies for your marketing work.

Pursuing opportunities for your global business in 2021

Using the best translation agencies can help you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way in 2021. When you operate in the global business environment, that means plenty of potential for international partnerships. Do you need funding? Could your brand operate as a franchise overseas? Might it save you money to outsource your manufacturing to another country?

With a reliable translation agency on board, you can explore each of these possibilities – and countless others – without language barriers getting in your way. The best translation agencies should also provide interpretation services, meaning that you can communicate verbally as well as in writing with those your wish to connect with overseas.

Many companies will be paying particularly careful attention to their finances in 2021, but there will also still be plenty of investors out there looking for the next big opportunity. Connect with them in their own language and you’ll already be one step ahead of much of the competition.

Having access to a range of languages also means that you can explore different ways of running your global business when it comes to making and distributing your wares.

How to find the best online translation agencies

Now you know why it’s so important to use the best agencies, let’s look at how you can track them down. How do I choose a translation agency? Well, your professional network is a good place to start your search. Do any of your global business contacts operate in multiple languages? If so, ask for recommendations and compile a list of translation companies. You can also look for local agencies by dropping a phrase like best translation agencies New York into your search engine.

Next, undertake due diligence on your potential agencies. The best translation agencies will use native speakers of the target languages, offer sector-specific expertise, and provide quality guarantees. They will also offer a wide range of language pairings, to ensure they meet both your current and future translation needs.

The best online translation agencies will also make customer service a priority, so you should gain a sense of how the agency operates from your first interaction with them. Of course, you’ll still need to check out plenty of online reviews before selecting one particular service, just as you would for any other hire.

When it comes to positioning your brand for success in 2021, a great deal rests on your translation agency’s shoulders. Invest time in finding the best agency and you stand a good chance of benefitting by building up a strong, loyal customer base and increasing sales of your goods and services over the year ahead.


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