Top 5 Things To Do While Visiting Vanuatu


Consisting of a remarkable 83 islands in the Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is a popular holiday destination that has plenty of interesting sights, sounds, and experiences for anyone willing to go out and find them. While things like bar hopping and hanging around the beaches are obvious, we’re going to focus on five amazing things you can do while going on holiday in Vanuatu.

These are above and beyond having access to some awesome Vanuatu resort accommodation that can add some incredible memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

#1: Mount Yasur

Hard to imagine any other option making the top of the list. Located on Tanna Island, Mount Yasur is an active volcano surrounded by an epic landscape that might remind you more of the surface of a barren planet in a science fiction movie as opposed to a tropical paradise. Most active volcanoes you can’t get close to. This isn’t the case with Mount Yasur, which offers unparalleled ability to see it close up. Still active, this location allows you to see one of nature’s wonders truly up close. Don’t miss the amazing experience that Mount Yasur has to offer.

#2: Visit the Blue Holes

There are many natural swimming holes across multiple islands in Vanuatu that are known as “blue holes.” These are holes where the water is so clean it is a crystal-clear blue. These make for absolutely incredible pictures as well as some very relaxing diving and swimming experiences. The famous Matevulu Blue Hole is probably the most popular, although all of them offer great swimming experiences.

#3: Wreck Diving the USS Coolidge

This isn’t for the pure beginner, but for those of you who love diving in general, and wreck diving in particular, the USS Coolidge is considered one of the finest wreck dives in the world. The wreck is relatively near shore, very well preserved, and there are even guided diving tours offered. This is more for experienced wreck divers, but beginners don’t have to worry. Snorkelling at Million Dollar Point is another great option and the story behind it as you dive around submerged jeeps and vehicles is hilarious and will keep you chuckling and appreciating the dive even more.

#4: Efate Island Road Trip

Just because you’re hopping around Pacific Islands doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good road trip! Efate Island has a very well-maintained loop road that leads to the best scenic overviews on the island, multiple villages full of friendly people, good swimming holes and coastal snorkelling spots, and more. Many people consider this a great way to start their Vanuatu vacation before really relaxing, but the opposite is also true: if you’ve relaxed a lot and want a day with a bit of travel and moving, visit Efate and have a little road trip out there in the Pacific – you won’t regret it!

#5: Zipline Through the Jungles

Snorkelling and diving is a great way to see the waters, walking and lounging let you enjoy the beaches, and if you want a good look at the beautiful jungles that are also part of Vanuatu then why not enjoy a classic zipline? The bird’s eye view allows you an unusual look at beautiful territory while also adding a rush of adrenaline.

Make your way down this list and you’ll be sure to have a Vanuatu vacation to remember!


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