Top Cash Cows in Which Every Investor Should Try to Invest in


It is a myth that world is shrinking, and opportunities to settle a business is shrinking too. People with capital are trying to find the cash cow industries which they are finding are already saturated. However, those factors which are the reason why starting a new business seems to be impossible are the same factors which are the reasons for new opportunities.

Ever growing and saturated industry of technology has made this world interconnected and took us to those level of advancement which was just some stories or dreams a century back. Tech has become one of those market or industry from which majority of world’s economy is running. However, there are much beyond than this to discover for the investment which every investor should know.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to unveil some of the best industries which have been proved as the top cash cows in which every investor should try to invest in.

Virtual Reality

One of the most fascinating invention or the addition of the entertainment tools. Virtual reality has broken some serious grounds in 2016 especially the gadgets like Oculus Rift and Samsung’s VR headgear. VR headgears are much easier to make as the Google’s cardboard VR headgear is a prime example of it. You only need a pair of glass with a good and stylish looking box containing it. Ease of manufacturing and high demand of VR headgears made this industry as the top cash cow in our list which has tremendous future ahead.

Moreover, it is not only limited to VR headgears. For the headgears, having right applications, videos and games are also important. These VR headgears also need special applications and other software to give the viewer that required experience for which VR headgears are meant for.


Another subfield of technology and one of the latest phenomenon in the real world is robotics. While the companies like Amazon and Google are investing heavily in this industry, this sector still needs an immense amount of investment, and this is the high time to invest in.

This not so popular industry is slowly and silently making its place in the mainstream economy of the world. There are almost 254,000 industrial robots in the world. This number build up from 60,000 in 2009 and has the full potential of going to be a dominant industry in next couple of years. This industry is currently getting the funds of 3 billion dollars just last year through ETF and mutual funding.

Video Games

After movies and TV, video gaming is the biggest source of entertainment and also big commercial wise. With the impact of virtual reality in video gaming, this industry is witnessing a boom from both in creative and financial aspects.

This industry worth in multi-billions only in United States with some biggest names like EA sports and Rockstar. While having over 70,000 people associated with this industry only in the USA, this industry still has immense potential to grow further especially in an age of technological advancement. By contributing $11.7 billion to US GDP, this industry is certainly a cash cow for the new investors.

Augmented Reality

Just like virtual reality, augmented reality is another wonder of technology which has been taking this world by storm. The best example to introduce you to the augmented reality is the Pokémon Go game which was the most popular mobile game of last year. It was the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who introduced the augmented reality in his new smartphone which now has become a necessary feature of every smartphone or device.

Now we have some gadgets too which is providing both AR and VR experience to us which is the core reason for the success of this industry. The big players of the world like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are trying their best to make this technology a trend, this opens up new windows for the investors to invest and get their profits from it.


All those catchy aerial view shot videos are mesmerizing us all. Behind every these shot, drones have been used. Not only limited to some viral videos on social media websites, this industry is much bigger and worth about $127 billion right now.

There are a wide variety of industries attached to the drone which includes the market value of drone application to infrastructure which comprises of $45.2 billion. Furthermore, industries like transportation and mining also show the potential of this industry and why an investor should take some serious look at this.

These drones right now are serving the wide purposes. Not only for commercial or public interest, but the drones have also been the most important weapon of NATO in the war against terrorism for the bombing of militant hideouts. To invest in this industry, you needed a stack of cash to publicly trade drone and built a company like GoPro which have been taking a beating on the stock market.

Green Energy

Since the movement against greenhouse gases has become popular and famous among the world’s government, people and government as well are trying their best to convert their energy production into more natural and ecofriendly way before it becomes too late.

Due to all this, green energy has now become one of the most profitable industry to invest in. Energy is the need of everyone no matter how big or small the house and factory is. Every residential building, school, and hospitals all rely upon continuing energy supply at lower cost and less eco hazardous way. That is why majority of the people are now choosing the sources of green energy, and the providers of such sources are making billions.

Green energy sources like wind turbine and solar panel are two most in-demand technologies which not only cheap but also entirely eco-friendly. Industries which are manufacturing these energy generating devices for the household use are right now worth in billions. Those people who live in far west or unhabituated places rely entirely on natural ways of power generation which is the prime target market.

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