7 Tips to Look Stunning in Selfies


The conventional style of photography has lost its charm because it is the age of selfies. When taking selfies was first introduced, it caused a buzz around the globe. From high-profile celebrities to common people, everyone was caught in its hype. It appeared as if people have found a new way to register memories. But now, taking selfies is more than just killing boredom, it has become an art.

Taking selfies is not just about pointing the camera to your face and click the button. From proper lighting to right pose, there are many aspects which need to be catered. Nowadays, people use different equipment like flexible LED panels and reflectors to get the best quality image. If you want to know how to make your selfies be Instagram-worthy, this blog will be beneficial for you.

Use a Good Camera

Using a good camera is useful if you want to take stunning selfies. Imagine taking a selfie in front of a breathtaking view which comes out blurry due to your substandard camera. Many factors determine the quality of the camera from image resolution to color segregation. Your camera result has to be excellent in all aspects. It should be adaptive enough to adjust according to natural light producing a clear image.

A high-quality camera is pivotal in taking great selfies as it can make you look immaculate in your wake-up selfie. A camera’s advanced features can do wonders to your selfies, which can save you time in capturing the best shot.

Find the Best Angle

Everyone has a preferred face side which looks best in front of the camera. So, it is crucial to determine your ideal face angle which brings the more symmetrical side of your face. It also depends on which face feature you want to highlight.

Deciding your best angle is not hard. You can determine it simply by looking at both sides in the mirror or clicking pictures. You can also take samples of both sides and show it to others. This way, you will get a neutral and candid point of view.

Adjust Lighting

Lighting is a significant factor in all kinds of photography, and selfies are no different. Taking a selfie in the wrong lighting angle or low light will compromise image quality. On the contrary, your selfie is bound to look good if you use the right lighting and a decent camera.

Remember that there is no concept of too much or too little lighting in photography; rather it should be balanced. You should try out different lighting angles before taking a selfie.

Select a Good Background

The background of a selfie is equally important as the foreground. People not only notice you but your background as well. So, having a nice background is a must for a great selfie. You would often see selfies trending on social media just for their inspiring backgrounds.

The backgrounds of a selfie do not have to be spectacular every time; it has to be apt for the selfie. For example, if you are taking pictures on a wedding, having the couple in the background is a great idea

Choose Filters

For taking a nice selfie, the choice of filters plays an important role. Modern phone cameras come with extensive customization options. You can choose the best filter according to your features, face cut, skin color, and texture. It is important to be flexible while choosing filters. If a filter looks good on one picture, it does not mean that it will look the same on others.

Strike a Pose

Striking a nice pose is one of the most important tips for a stunning selfie. You might be wondering how can one decide what the right pose is? It is not that complicated; you just have to be yourself along with little adjustments. Like touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth and pushing jaw forward will give a chiseled face cut.

Everyone has their signature pose like some like to pout and some like to smile. For deciding the right pose for a selfie, you should know its feel. Like in a happy selfie, you should pose with a big smile. If you’re going for a more elegant feel, you can try the “smize.” This term is made by supermodel, Tyra Banks, which means smiling with your eyes.

Bring Out Your Confidence

One thing that can make your selfie look good is self-confidence. Just think that you are the most beautiful person on this planet. Posing is not always about giving a nice expression; rather it is something that comes naturally. A candid pose is the best one most times. So, loosen up a bit before taking a selfie and just be natural rather than taking extra pressure of posing.

Stabilize the Camera

Stabilizing your camera before taking a selfie is important to get a nice shot. The good news is, many mobile phones now have the image stabilization feature. Try to compose yourself before clicking to ensure a clear image. Many times you opt for taking random clicks to have the most natural and lively shots. In such a situation, stabilizing the camera becomes a challenge. Also, selfie sticks and phone stands can be helpful in taking a stable shot.


Remember that taking good selfies is all about being yourself and having fun. There’s no need to pressure yourself to take pictures like those from celebrities. Being natural paired with following all the tips above will surely make you take stunning selfies in no time!


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