10 Tips on How to Improve Your Time Management Skills


‘How am I supposed to write my paper, go to the gym, meet my friends, and do the laundry in one day?’ If this or similar questions bother you frequently, you should read this article no matter what. Time management skills are essential for your academic success, work tasks, and everyday routine. Maybe you’ve already heard about some of these tips while others will be new for you. You don’t have to use them all at the same time. But even one of these recommendations is enough to make your days more productive.

So, don’t hesitate and make your first step on the way to success!

1. Set your priorities

We’re sure that 100% of your plans are extremely important. But let’s admit: you’ll survive not going to another party. At the same time, failing one more exam can put your college career at risk. So, you should better stay at home and focus on your books. We don’t encourage to put your success at work or college above your personal happiness. But we ask you to be realistic.

2. Turn off your push notifications

Smartphones steal more time from you than you realize. All these “Check new messages” or “Try our new application” not only annoy — they distract you from the things that you should really focus on. You should keep some notifications, for example, if you use applications to learn a foreign language. Reminders of your friends’ birthdays can also be quite useful — don’t turn them off by accident.

3. Keep your phone away

When you try to concentrate on your work or academic paper, don’t keep your phone at your fingertips. If it’s possible, you can even leave it in the next room. You’ll hear if somebody calls you, but you’ll free yourself from the temptation to scroll your social media and take selfies. Imagine how much time you waste while checking your friends’ Facebook and Instagram profiles every fifteen minutes!

4. Install special apps

Modern technologies mostly distract you from your actual life. Yet, some of them might be useful to control your phone usage. Special applications will help you to block distracting apps, shape new phone habits, and analyze your usage of the smartphone. We’ll give you a short list of options right here:

  • Stay on Task

This application plays the role of your consciousness. It asks if you concentrate on your task randomly throughout the day. This app is a perfect choice for those who distract easily. ‘Stay on Task’ will help you to control your focus.

  • Flipd

This app is really cruel and can be used as torture. It locks your phone for a set period of time. And you won’t have any chance to unlock it — even restarting won’t help! No more Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube during working hours. It can also lock other’s devices remotely if you want to keep your employees focused on work.

  • Moment

Putting time limits is great for time management. This application will turn your phone usage into hell if you exceed your screen time. It’s also available for family usage.

5. Get new habits

Good habits make our life more organized and more structured. The most significant change that you can make is to set a regular sleep pattern. We know that it’s nearly impossible. But healthy sleep will make all other spheres of your life brighter and easier. Try to set your alarm clock for the same hour every night. Don’t forget that this habit also includes going to bed at the same time every night. In a month, it won’t seem a challenge at all.

6. Reward yourself

“Carrots and sticks” rule should be your main principle. If you follow your plan and manage to complete all the ask — treat yourself. Everybody has different preferences, but we recommend chocolates or your favorite pizza. On the other hand, if you fail to stick to your schedule — think of a punishment. Extra exercises, discharge day, cleaning — whatever you find the worst.

7. Think about your goal

Imagine how badly you want to get a better job, new shoes, or have a trip to Paris. No matter what your goal is, you have to focus on it. When you make a decision about your next step, think of whether this action will bring you any closer to your dream. No? Then, pick something else.

8. Work hard, play harder

Without entertainment and fun, our life wouldn’t be worth living. You can work or study all the time. Give yourself some free space! You need to be motivated and inspired to deal with your everyday tasks. Don’t turn yourself into a recluse!

9. Be realistic

Don’t pretend like you’re Julius Caesar who could, according to the legend, do multiple task at the same time. If you have to clean your house, be ready to spend more than twenty minutes on this challenge. The same applies to your “getting-ready” process. No one can get ready in 10 minutes after waking up and not look like a zombie! Set realistic goals, and you’ll be satisfied with your results.

10. Learn to value your time

Time is a valuable and non-regenerative source. It’s hard to imagine that your time will run out one day. But it will, like it or not. The only thing you can do is to spend it most efficiently and pleasantly. To do so, you have to manage it in an appropriate way. Spend it on the things that really matter.

We believe that our recommendations will help you to manage your time better and therefore live a fuller life. Many things require your attention and energy — your family, friends, work, health, Netflix, etc. Constant distractions don’t allow you to dedicate your time to meaningful aspects of your life. We know that some habits are hard to fight, but you have to believe in yourself! Now, you’re armed with our guide and several apps, so your chances are getting higher. Good luck and may the Force be with you.


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