3 Tips To Enjoy A Thrill Ride On An ATV For Kids


Four wheelers are fun for people of all ages. Children and grandparents, and people in between can all have fun riding ATVs together. They allow you to go fast, feel the wind move through your hair, jump over small hills, and allow you to feel almost invincible. Any kid that is lucky enough to ride an ATV is sure to have fun and show pictures to all of their friends. They are fun for the whole family, but to ensure that all children have fun riding their ATVs there are a few tips you should follow.

#1) Finding the Right ATV For You

If you have children who are looking to ride an ATV you should first get them a kids gas ATV that will fit their size. The two main types of children’s ATVs that are popular are the kids 110CC ATV and the kids 125CC ATV. The kids 110CC ATV is meant for smaller children, while the kids 125CC ATV is meant for children that are a little bit older. While the size may vary depending on the height, weight, and age of your child you should allow your children to sit on each one without it moving to see which one they feel more comfortable on. Children should never ride anything that makes them uncomfortable, so letting them just sit on it first without feeling pressured to go fast may make the whole experience more enjoyable for them.

#2) Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

When children, or anyone, are riding ATVs proper safety equipment is a must. It helps protect you from getting injured and even dying. The necessary safety equipment that should be worn by all children include helmets, closed toe boots that go above the ankles, eye gear, long sleeve shirts, and long pants. Ensuring that your children’s skin is completely covered from head to toe helps ensure that they are protected from scratches from the trees they drive around and the ground in case they fall. In most states, children are required by law to wear helmets and eye gear. Before allowing your children to ride on a kids gas ATV you should check the laws in your state.

#3) Learning How to Operate the ATV

Before jumping right on and letting your kids drive around on the ATV you should explain exactly how to operate the ATV. You must show them all the parts of the ATV and make sure they are comfortable operating it before allowing them to drive on their own. They should fully understand how to work the gas, brake, headlights (if necessary), and the steering. Most likely kids gas ATVs will not require them to shift gears, but if yours does you should make sure your kids understand how to do this. To make your kids feel more comfortable you may also want to give them a walkie talkie that they can attach to their four-wheelers and show them how to work that in case they come into any type of trouble. ATVs are unpredictable and the environment in which they are typically ridden can pose dangers to children. Ensuring that your children are completely safe, even if you plan on riding next to them, should always be the number one priority.

Four wheelers can be a blast for children to ride. They will likely brag to all of their friends that they got to ride an ATV, but before allowing your children to drive fast and go over hills they must first find an ATV they feel comfortable on, wear proper safety equipment, and fully understand how to operate the ATV.

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