5 Essential Tips For Choosing CBD Cream


The legalization of CBD in many states has seen an increase, which is evident by the opening of dispensaries left and right. Business is booming, and CBD products are selling fast like hotcakes.

Apart from the fact that it’s now widely accepted, CBD’s popularity comes from its inherent ability to help people with their illnesses. Even more so, it comes in many forms, not just pills. This gives the masses, the general consumers, a wide variety of options.

Of the many choices, one of the most popular types are topicals, such as CBD creams. Because there are so many now up for sale, you need to choose wisely. That way, you know that you’ve got nothing else but the best quality.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Ask About The Extraction Process

What’s the main reason why you’re buying CBD creams? Generally, it’s because it’s a natural alternative. You’d want to stay away from chemically-laden products. This strengthens the need for you to ensure that you have the best and most natural CBD products that you can. One way to do this is to ask about the extraction process.

In general, a key takeaway for you to remember is to choose the companies that have C02 extraction methods, or food-grade ethanol. That way, you’re ensuring that the cannabinoid in your CBD cream has remained intact without the need for using foreign substances.

2. Buy CBD Creams From Reputable Sources

While there may be many dispensaries in your area, this doesn’t mean that all of them are reputable. Some may be present to give you a runoff of your money. When you commit the mistake of buying from sources that aren’t reputable, the quality of your CBD cream also isn’t going to be as good.

A good way for you to check whether or not your source is reputable is to check if they’ve got the permits and licenses to operate. Although legal, the laws and process of approving business permits for CBD products are still very stringent. Compliance with the necessary permits means that the dispensary is operating within the considerations of the law. That way, quality is also better assured.

3. Choose A Trusted Brand

Apart from the source itself, if there’s a brand that you already know to be a trusted one, then stick to this. There’s no room for you to make second guesses in a product as critical as CBD. Trusting the wrong brand can spell the difference between good quality and bad one. In worst cases, you may suffer extreme consequences for choosing to go with an unreliable brand.

To check whether the brand is trusted, you can check the previous customer’s feedback and reviews. None of the reviews should give you a red flag. Also, seek the advice of friends or family members who have been regular CBD cream users. Most likely, they’ll have good advice on which brands to go for.

4. Study The Price

CBD products are expensive. Thus, while selecting among different CBD creams, take note also of the price. First, the cost of the CBD cream should be one that you can regularly afford to buy. For the best results of any product, remember that consistent use is needed. That being said, it’s also important not to immediately jump into choosing the cheapest available product.

Here’s a better way to go about, with the price comparison:

  • In a tub of CBD cream, the most expensive component is the CBD itself. So, this must be the number one thing that you’re going to look at.
  • Check the CBD content in the cream. Whatever the selling price of the CBD cream is, it should be proportionate to the amount of CBD that’s in the cream itself.

That way, you know that you’re getting the best deal possible.

5. Study The Third-Party Lab Tests

Before CBD products are sold to the public, these must first be tested in a third-party laboratory. If you’re skeptical about the viability of the dispensary or product itself, you should be able to ask for the results of third-party lab tests. These should be readily available on the company’s website.

When you check these tests, you’re assuring yourself that whatever is in the packaging matches the contents of the CBD cream itself.


Hopefully, these pointers can lead you to the best CBD creams there are in the market.

Generally, “the best” is solely a matter of personal preference. But, mixing up your preferences with these tips can lead you to a better choice. That way, it’s reducing the possibility of you ending up with a decision that you might regret.

As CBD creams also don’t necessarily come in cheap, you’ll need this assurance that what you’re bringing home is a product that you’ll be happy with using.


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