8 Tips On How To Boost Your Concentration


One of the banes that exist within the society in present times is an unfulfilled dream. You can see college students who were unfulfilled because they were unable to get the right dissertation service; romantic partners who are unfulfilled because they are being ignored by the other partner; as well as business owners who are unfulfilled because they were unable to meet the targets that they set down for themselves. Unfulfilled dreams has led people into depression, poverty as well as general unhappiness and the indicator that leads to it is lack of concentration. In order to be able to avoid that dangerous pitfall of fulfillment, you will have to practice some vital steps and routines that can make you increase your general concentration.

Without further ado, let us examine 8 ways to improve concentration.

Engage in time chunking

On a general note, lack of concentration occurs because people have too many things going on for them at a particular period of time. As a business owner, you may be engaging in the task of managing your establishment, trying to engage in fitness routines, being a great parent to your kids, and then being a loving partner to the other partner. In some other instances, you may see an amateur boxer who is trying to become a business Analyst at the office and also juggling them both with evening classes where English language is taught. In both scenarios, there is the perfect reason for lack of concentration to occur as they have many activities going on simultaneously. The principle of time chunking states that you can set aside specific days fully to engage in certain tasks. It means a ballet dancer who is trying to study for her nursing exam should set aside a specific day where she would focus fully on reading without engaging in any ballet activity. This principle of time chunking is especially vital for business owners as it affords them an excellent opportunity to manage themselves. They could apply time chunking to the business activities by setting aside special days or special hours, to concentrate on certain business tasks. For example, if the business owner does not have a social media manager, he or she can decide to set 3 o’clock every day for the purpose of social media broadcast. This means that every action to be engaged in, such as working on the company website, positing offers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Email marketing, can be done at this time because there are no other activities being undertaken. It means, you could easily engage in balancing your books at a particular time of the day without engaging in any other activity. The beauty of time chunking is that it will free your mind from the fears that other activities have not been undertaken. Rather than being afraid, you will be motivated to be efficient during that particular time you are engaging in the activity.

Clear the mind clutter

One of the main reasons why individuals tend to lose concentration within any task that they engage in is the fact that their minds are cluttered with a lot of baggages. Some of these baggages include emotional baggages, psychological baggages and others. When one talks of clutter, the image that comes to mind is that of a disorganized place; Like a child’s bed that is littered with all kinds of shoes, stocking, clothes and toys. Gaining an efficient concentration will require you to open yourself to deal with the emotional issues that may be troubling you. Let us say you are a marathon athlete who is about to compete in the upcoming Olympic games as a long distance runner. The first thing your coach tells you is the need to remove every form of distractions from your mind in order to be fully focused. That means if you are having challenges in your relationship with your spouse, you will have to settle that issue personally or meeting a counselor. Clearing the clutter would mean that you will have to resolve conflict between yourself and your parents if the issue still gives you troubles. In business, it is also very important to clear the clutter in order for efficiency to be guaranteed. If there is conflict between two partners who disagree due to trust issues or concerning the direction that the company is supposed to take, the employee output will definitely be affected due to lack of concentration. This means that we should always strive to create a business environment where disputes are quickly resolved

Divide tasks into big and small

Have you ever been confronted with so big a task that you shuddered away immediately? The reason is that such tasks tend to frustrate individuals and cause them to lose focus in the process of engaging in them. Even though the human mind is a very dynamic tool that can handle very big tasks at a given time, there is only so much it can take before it revolts from being overwhelmed with tasks. For example, if you are faced with the task of compiling 10,000 emails for a period of 7 hours, chances are very high that your brain would revolt due to the fact that the task is too big for it to process. However, if the task is to be reduced to about 1000 emails, there would be full concentration achieved

Set the right environment

In most occasions, your environment determines how efficient you will be in achieving tasks and how focused you will remain. There is absolutely nothing that can be done within an environment where there are a lot of distractions. You will have to make the conscious effort of always changing your environment if it is not conducive for your concentration.

Engage in power naps

Power naps have always remained one of the most important tools that boost concentration. It is needed when your brain is overwhelmed with a lot of tasks that you have been doing for a while. You can break away from that job and take a quick 20-minute nap. When you wake, you will be fully refreshed


Meditation is an activity that helps to increase concentration. In the meditative state, you can effectively clear your mind and relax your nerves. After meditation, prime efficiency will be guaranteed.

Eat brain foods

You are a product of the things you eat. This means that when you take good vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamin C for your brain, your brainpower will be boosted and you can then engage in any activity with full concentration. Two of the best fruits that you can take is the date fruit as well as carrots.

Set realistic long/short term goals

People who tend to set unrealistic short term goals often end up becoming frustrated at the end. For example, a student that thinks of creating a Custom thesis within two days has already set himself or herself for failure because it is a task that will require time. In order to maintain maximum concentration at all times, it is vital that you set realistic short and long term goals


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