10 Terrific Photography Travel Tips


Check out these 10 terrific travel photography tips — they’ll help you take the ultimate adventure snaps by maximising your time and creativity.

1. Do your homework

If you’re going to get incredible shots, you need to do plenty of research on the place you’re visiting. So find out where the most Instagrammable spots are and what the weather will be like in advance, so that you can focus on your photos when you arrive.

2. Stay central

Your accommodation is more than just a place for you to keep your belongings, so choose carefully. Try to find a place where you’re surrounded by wonderful views that will keep you inspired — for a wide range of holiday accommodation, check out Airbnb.

3. Fine tune your senses

Make sure you really get to know the area you’re staying in —go for walks, sample the cuisine and listen to the people talking.

The more you immerse yourself in your new world, the more photo opportunities will present themselves.

4. Keep it fresh

Take risks with your photography and look for fresh angles and new perspectives. This will keep your make your photos more entertaining and help push your creative boundaries.

5. Learn from the locals

Remember that it’s the people that make the place, so interact with the locals.They’ll be able provide you with a wealth of precious knowledge about your destination and perhaps recommend lesser known sites that give your photography a real edge.

6. Arm yourself with apps

Apps are a dear friend to a travel photographer. For example, Sunrise Sunset is a really useful app which provides timings for sunrise and sunset anywhere in the world, at any time.

7. Beauty is everywhere

No matter how mundane a place may seem, never write it off —it’s your job to look for the beauty in everything and bring that to life through your images.

So trust your instincts and let them take you in all kinds of new and wonderful directions.

8. Enjoy yourself

For a photographer, taking photos is fun in itself, but when you’re traveling around, find some time to distance yourself from your camera. It’s important to have some time for yourself and appreciate the beauty of a place through your own lens.

9. Drive to the airport

If you’re carrying around expensive equipment don’t risk it getting damaged on overcrowded trains or buses anddrive to the airport instead.

You can find early-bird offers on airport parking at Looking4.com for US airports from Denver to Detroit.

10. Never stop

Keep both yourself and your audience entertained by traveling regularly. You might not have the money or time to constantly venture abroad,but remember that beauty is everywhere – there are plenty of awesome scenes to be shot at home too.

Follow these tips and prepare for more incredible photo experiences across the globe.

What are your top photography travel tips? Share in the comments.


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