Why Are TAG Heuer Watches So Adored?


When you want to purchase a watch, the first thing you do is to take a look at the brand. Branding is something that closely goes with the watches. If the watch comes from a reputed brand, you don’t think twice before you invest on it. In today’s world, you will be able to discover some iconic watch brands as well. Out of those brands, TAG Heuer has received a lot of positive attention.

You might be interested in getting to know why the TAG Heuer watches are so adored by people who live out there in the world. Here is a list of some of the factors, which prove the above-mentioned claim. After you go through these points, you might even be convinced to invest your money in purchasing a TAG Heuer watch.

TAG Heuer is a luxury watch brand

The watch brands that you can find out there in the world are further divided into few sub-categories. Luxury watches is one such sub-category. You can find the name of TAG Heuer in the list of luxury watch brands. Therefore, people who are interested in living a luxury lifestyle, while having luxurious amenities around them tend to go ahead and purchase the TAG Heuer watches. They provide an excellent value for the amount that is being spent. On the other hand, the experience that you can receive by wearing a TAG Heuer watch is outstanding and it cannot be equated to any other feeling that you can experience.

TAG Heuer can certainly be defined as an outstanding timepiece to own. These watches will always retain their dignity and reputation in the industry. Therefore, you will not find it as a difficult task to resell your TAG Heuer watch in the future at a higher price tag. If you take a look at the prices of the used TAG Heuer watches, you will be able to get a clear understanding about this fact. You will notice how these watches are being sold at higher price tags, even if they are few decades old.

TAG Heuer has got sporting roots

The roots of TAG Heuer have heavily contributed towards the reputation of the brand as well. The TAG Heuer brand was launched to the world back in 1860. It was started by Edouard Heuer, under the Heuer Watch Company. It was a Swiss company, which was soon able to earn a lot of reputation for manufacturing watches, while maintaining excellent craftsmanship. People were attracted towards the quality of the TAG Heuer watches. Therefore, it was easy for the brand to position in the industry.

The brand never did anything in order to ruin the good name that they built up from the past. As a result, you can expect to see the quality craftsmanship of the TAG Heuer watches even nowadays. Back in 1985, the Heuer Company was purchased by TAG Group. As a result, the brand name was changed to what we see nowadays. Even with that acquisition, the brand didn’t change its values. Therefore, you can experience the quality and the craftsmanship offered by the TAG Heuer watches at all times. You don’t need to worry about it at the time of purchasing a TAG Heuer watch.

TAG Heuer has simplified the chronograph

TAG Heuer can be considered as a brand, which has taken appropriate measures to simplify the chronograph. Back in the day, watch manufacturers were struggling to manufacture watches that came with fewer moving parts. Such watches are easier to service and provide a high level of reliability. TAG Heuer was able to achieve that back in the year 1887. That’s where Edouard Heuer was able to develop an oscillating pinion. He hold the patent for this as well. It was able to give life to the simplified chronograph, which could provide the above-mentioned benefits. This construction is still being used by some of the leading watch manufacturers out there in the world, including TAG Heuer. This clearly explains that TAG Heuer is a brand that is driven forward with innovation. When you are purchasing a new watch, it is worthy to take a look at how innovative it is. In such a situation, you can give full marks to the TAG Heuer brand.

The iconic TAG HeuerCarrera Model

When discussing about TAG Heuer watch brand, you cannot simply ignore the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera model. It is one of the most successful watch models that a manufacturer has been able to release to the market. The Carrera brand heavily contributed towards the overall success of the company in the long run as well.

The story behind TAG Heuer Carrera is quite interesting as well. Jack Heuer, who was managing the TAG Heuer brand during the 1950s wanted to come up with a new watch, which is designed specifically for racing car drivers. They wanted that watch to be tough and legible. On the other hand, they wanted to make sure that the new watch is in a position to withstand vibrations in an effective manner. Finally they could achieve that objective. That’s where the TAG Heuer Carrera model came into play.

Even though TAG Heuer Carrera brand is designed and developed for the racing car drivers, ordinary people who are hunting for luxury watches tend to go forward and spend their money on buying it as well. That’s because they can rely on the TAG Heuer Carrera watches. They will be able to get the most out of the investment and use the watches for a long duration of time as well. Hence, it has also contributed towards the reputation that TAG Heuer maintains in today’s world.


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