Easy Car Fixes – Air Vent Replacement Clips


Car vents are the weakest part of any dashboard system, and it doesn’t take very much pressure or force for them to break. Many times, before you even start getting cracks in your dashboard, you’ll end up having a broken vent controller. That’s the little slider piece that directs the vents left and right, as well as most often times up and down as well. Because of this though, a lot of people want to get their car detailed, and if they do, they end up going to a dealership and spend hundreds of dollars on them. But in this article we’re going tell you about the most easy of car fixes – air vent replacement clips. Stop wasting money and do it yourself for pocket change compared to a dealership.

What About Versatility?

Vent tabs has an awesome inventory of custom made vent replacement clips available for your car. And what’s even better, is that they literally can cover almost all makes and models of vehicles, and a lot of them are universal. Have you ever gone to an auto-parts store and had to pick up a part that wasn’t universal? These usually are more difficult to find, and they can be quite costly. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on vent tabs. Not only that, when you order from Vent Tabs, they include instructions and show you how to replace them yourself for almost next-to-nothing.

Are they Difficult to Install?

Generally, car air vent clips can generally be put on and snapped in place. To uninstall them, you can literally use a flat head screwdriver to pry them and slide them back off. In order to install them, you simply need to make sure that the positioning is centered so the forks will properly be set up against the inside vent levers (the vertical bars behind the horizontal bars).

What are they made of?

Most vent clips are simply made of plastic. If you’re wanting to style your car, you can even get some that include metal trim, and look nice at the same time. Vent Tabs also offers these, because some people just want to detail their car very well, which makes this an excellent addition to your arsenal if you work at an auto body or car detailing service. When you buy a set of vent tabs and spend more than $20 U.S. dollars, you get free shipping if you use the Vent Tabs website. Anything less than $20 bucks is still less than three dollars in shipping. They even provide a 100% guarantee that you can receive quality products, which makes it even better. While they’re made of plastic, many user reviews have said they are extremely sturdy.


Ordering from Vent Tabs is easy. You simply select your model of vehicle, and select the style of vent tab you’re wanting. Add the item to your cart, and go through the secure checkout process. It’s that simple. What’s even more important, is that vent clip replacements can cost a ton, and a lot of times you may only need one. Wouldn’t you rather spend ten bucks instead of 200 dollars replacing it?


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