Sun Basket for Your Family


Chances are you have heard of Sun Basket. However, if you have not heard of this food delivery service, then you will be happy to know that they specialize in providing healthy meals delivered directly to your home. The service makes it a point to only utilize ingredients that are organically grown as well as taking every type of diet into account as orders are received. This all sounds great, but we need to see what the entire process is like from start to finish before we can have a true appreciation of what Sun Basket’s food is like.

Creating a Subscription to get the Process Started

Creating a subscription with this food service provider is a very easy process. Following the creation of your account and establishing the number of people being provided for each week, you then choose the perfect plan for your budget. If you would like to have a taste of everything, then you will be good with the plan known as the Chef’s Choice.

If any of your family members have restrictions in their diet, then you can choose the perfect plan that will satisfy their need. It’s great to also see a Family Menu available that includes meals that kids will love. At just $10.99 for each plate, this menu is perfect because of the size of the servings, which makes it great for any budget.

Meal Selection

You get to make selections from a wide range of entrees that are offered weekly. If you opted for a special diet upon signup, then your entrees will be adjusted to meet your requirement. You are also allowed to make preference adjustments when you want as well. This is best utilized by having the original recipes sent to you and then making adjustments instead of choosing and then adjusting.

Recipes that come included in the Sun Basket box contain sections for each meal type such as vegetarian, which allows you to customize each meal to your own preference. So if you want to switch meat for fish then you can. Keep in mind that doing this, you will be charged for the substitution.

Materials Included in the Sun Basket Box

Many customers might love the fact that the items included in the Sun Basket box will contain a book of recipes offered for the current week. Plus, having this book truly makes it easy to make personalized recipes.

As you follow the recipes, you will love the fact that they are quite easy to follow along with too and include photos for each step of the way.

Packing of the Box

The box that your Sun Basket’s items come in is considered to be environmentally friendly. However, it really is no different than how other service providers package theirs. Of course, you’re able to recycle the cardboard and ingredients are gathered inside of recyclable paper packaging. But the thing is the paper packaging contains plastic that individual ingredients are in. This plastic may or may not be recyclable in your area, so you will need to find out from your city. When it comes to the sauces, you may like the fact that they are packaged within individual canisters. This is nice so they can be reused for other purposes.

Depending on where you live, the packaging may contain a different type. For example, if you live in a hot environment you may see denim insulation. For environments that are cooler, you may see paper that is shredded.

Meal Preparation

As far as meal preparation goes, there is no difficulty in following along with the recipes and each cooking time will stay below35 minutes. If your recipe includes ingredients that are premade, then your preparation times will decrease since you will not have to prepare them. At most, you will probably use only one pan and some bowls, so cleanup will be minimal.

Who Would Benefit?

The great benefits are ideal for any and all individuals looking to switch to healthier ways of eating that involve ingredients organic in nature and have little to no time to add shopping to their list.

Who Would Not Benefit?

If you are looking for food that only provides you with comfort, then you will be better off not creating an account and totally looking elsewhere for your dietary needs. Being a little on the pricey side may turn you off if you are on a lower fixed budget.

Available Additions

A lot of people like to pair their meals with practical items, so that is exactly what this great service implements. If customers feel like adding any extra items that compliment a meal, then they have a few options available to them. A few of these additions include coffee, flatbreads, pasta, and even salads if you want to make your meal more than one course. When you choose additions you are saving yourself a market run. With breakfast items like juice, oatmeal, granola, and yogurt, you will be certain to have a great start to your day.

Available Customer Care

Although customer care is not available 24 hours, you can still call or text to receive an automated reply. You will also like the fact that they provide a simple listing of FAQs if you do not feel lie waiting for a call or text back.

Creating Account Alterations

Being able to make alterations to your account is a freedom that you have when you have an account with this food service provider. So whenever you feel like adding, deleting, or skipping anything, you can simply log into your account and visit the settings under My Account. Select Edit and then make your changes as you deem necessary.

If you visit the tab for Schedule, you can make alterations to the amount of times that you receive orders. Here, you can easily skip a shipment in order to meet your own personal schedule. With advance notice, you are allowed a month and a half for skipping orders. If you want, you can also schedule your orders to be forwarded to other family members or even as a donation to specified charities.

If you feel that you are not fully satisfied or no longer have the need for services, you can visit the “Manage My Subscription” via settings. Here, you are able to suspend your account, update deliveries, or close your account permanently.

In order for changes to be effective in your account, they need to be posted a week in advance no later than noon PST on Wednesday.

Wrapping it up

Overall, ordering the food service is definitely worth it in the long run, especially when healthy eating is concerned. The service ensures the use of fresh, wholesome ingredients that are easily deliverable no matter when you want or where you are. You will surely be satisfied with the entire experience. Although the shipping is not included, it is a small price to pay when you factor in all of the other benefits that you do receive like personalization and changes to the ingredients based on preferences. You also have the ability to order as many as you want. This flexibility is what makes the service truly worthwhile.


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