4 Steps to Take When Charged with a DUI


A fun night out celebrating with friends can sometimes lead to trouble when too much alcohol is involved. Alcohol numbs the senses while heightening risk-taking behavior, giving the imbiber the false idea they are fit to get behind the wheel of a car when they are far from it. Often, the life-changing result is getting a DUI. It can be particularly traumatic if this is your first driving under the influence offense. What happens next? Read on to learn about the four steps you need to take when charged with a DUI.

1Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

From the moment you are pulled over by the police, and throughout the arrest and detention, it’s essential to say as little as possible about the incident. Remember, you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If arrested and you call a loved one, resist the urge to tell all. A detailed description of your version of events may make you feel better, but all conversations are recorded, which may hurt your case later on. It’s important to note that several DUI services in Lexington can prove to be beneficial down the road.

2Contact a Bail Bond Agent  

Unless you are someone of means or have a wealthy and generous friend or family member to post bail to secure your release, you’ll want to get in contact with a reputable bail bond agent. The agent will charge you a fraction of the total amount of the bail set by the court and take care of the paperwork needed for your discharge. A professional bail bondsman cuts through the red tape and can secure your release quickly. Just make sure you show up for your court date.

3Get in Touch With a Reputable DUI Attorney

Once charged with the offense, contact a reputable DUI attorney as soon as possible and be completely open and honest about what happened, even if you are embarrassed. A professional DUI lawyer undoubtedly has heard it all, and they cannot help you if you’re not entirely forthcoming about the circumstances. Once hired, your attorney has your only best interest in mind. An experienced DUI  attorney is highly skilled in navigating through the complex court system, saving you time, trouble, and a lot of stress.

4Follow Your Attorney’s Advice

While it may seem harmless to neglect the advice of your lawyer and drive down the road to pick up a loaf of bread or get milk, if stopped and your license is suspended, you will promptly be arrested. Your attorney knows the process, what is allowed, and what is prohibited. Breaking the law by driving anywhere on a suspended license, for example, could land you behind bars and complicate your DUI case. It’s essential to follow your attorney’s advice to the letter.

As you can see, if charged with driving under the influence, there are many things to consider and necessary actions to take.


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