5 Stellar Reasons to Jump On the Indiana Solar Bandwagon


The Indiana solar industry is booming. With the number of tax credits and incentives, now is a great time to switch your home over to a source of renewable energy.

Solar right now is the most affordable it’s ever been, and with more people accepting solar as a viable option, there has never been a better time to join those who have already installed.

Want to know about saving money and the benefits of solar panel installation? Keep reading! Everything you need to know about saving money through solar can be found.

1Net-Metering in Indiana

Though net-metering in Indiana is looking like it will expire in 2022, you can still apply to the net metering program if you install a system now. Act fast, and you can gain access to this net metering incentive even after it expires.

2Indiana Sales Tax Exemption and Solar Rebate

To be clear, Indiana does not offer rebates specifically to people who install solar panels, but they do offer some pretty stellar tax incentives. If you purchase a solar panel system in Indiana, you are 100% exempt from the property taxes if your poverty value goes up due to the panel installation.

You also do not need to pay sales tax if you are selling the energy back to your utility to qualify for this.

3Federal Investment Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit is able to save you up to 26% of the cost of installing a solar system. This means the average person who installs a solar panel system saved about $9000. That is huge!

4Solar Panels Can Increase Property Value

It’s proven that adding solar panels to a home can increase its property value. How much it can increase depends on where you live, but on average, it increases the value by about 4%.

With more people looking to reduce their energy bills and find green energy alternatives, it seems like your property value is set to rise even more.

5Indiana Has Solar Easement Laws

These laws make it easier to work with your neighbors to ensure your panels will get as much sun as possible. It also protects you against planning and zoning people who may try to prevent you from installing panels.

If you need help with an install, reach out to a reputable company like https://blueravensolar.com/indiana/. They will help you figure out your needs and how those panels can get as much sunlight on them as possible.

Now Is a Fantastic Time to Join the Indiana Solar Bandwagon!

The solar marketplace is booming in Indiana right now, and if you want to join the Indiana Solar wave, now is the time to do so. Make sure you get those tax credits and join the program before things expire! Find a solar installer today to take the next step toward an alternative energy source!

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