9 Sports-Theme Home Design Ideas For A Sports Lover!


Subtle or not-so-subtle, sports decor theme is all about one’s sentiments and love for the particular sport! 

A home is an expression of one’s personality and individuality; it should reflect your likes, hobbies and tastes, than just having pieces of furniture and storage spaces. While you can incorporate things like paint, curtains and other accessories, wouldn’t it be nice if it reminds you your passion and hobbies in your own space?

Here are some sports-inspired design ideas to help you showcase your fanfare in your home:

Display Collection:

You must be having a huge collection of your favorite sports-things showcase them! There are lots of chick and fun ways to show what you have; you can use cabinets, wall hangings and shelves. You can also make use of things like hooks, vases, stands and more to display medals, autographs and your favorite equipment. Use subtle lights and create a perfect ambiance to make it look attractive.

Adding Mini-Sports Display:

If you are a baseball fan, you can create a mini-baseball unit on one side, or if you are a professional bowling champ, you can build a mini bowling center at home. So, call your friends and have a bowling party!

Team-Matching Color:

A more sophisticated and undercover approach to pay homage to your favorite sport is painting walls in the sport-matching color. You can also use  one center wall to honor your favorite team or sport. Painting walls are one of the most subtle and ideal ways to shout out for your sports team.

Sports-Theme Home Design Ideas 2

Game-Like Accessories:

If you are someone who wants game vibes only on game nights, get a game-kit handy and bring it on the game day. You can include gaming accessories, hats, sports-related pillows, jerseys and more in your team’s color. Put everything in a box or basket to have it accessible on “ the day”.

Wall Murals:

Huge and stylish decorations can create drama in your room and will reveal your love for the sport. You can use bedroom walls or your kid’s wall to showcase your love for the team. You can also have a framed picture if the mural is too big for you!

Sports Theme Art:

Art is one of the best ways to showcases your love for the sport as well as to adorn your home. Bring-in some vintage theme posters or frameworks or can use modern matte photographs to create the ambience of sports. You can also use magazines, player’s pictures and jerseys for hanging in your abode.


Another way to honor your love for the sport is using quotes.  This is one of the simplest and subtle ways to design your home in sports-theme. Choose your favorite game or player and search for related quotes to frame them. You can even paint the quote on the wall using different themes like stencil painting or brush painting.

Chick Styles:

If you don’t want to give your entire home a sport-framing, find a corner and revamp it to a sport-theme display. Don’t overdo the look; a casual look will look perfect. Also, you don’t have to find a specific space for the display; any corner would be fine. If you want the display to be more impressive, you can create at the entrance or in your bedroom.

Mix ‘n’ Match:

If you are the one with few sports pieces and don’t want to give a separate space to that decore, simply mix your sports-love décor with your existing accessories. Use shelves, tables or cabinets to mix and match accessories and other pieces to decorate your living room with this theme.

So, those were some of the most impressive yet interesting ways to showcase your love for the sport to everyone!


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