Do Solar Panels Really Save Energy?


An estimated 46% of homeowners have said that they’re seriously considering converting to solar energy. The reason? They’re looking to cut down on energy usage.

Between high costs and nonrenewable energy waste, we’re all looking for ways to save energy at home. The question is, does going solar save energy?

Understanding how energy works and what solar does to our energy consumption can get a little confusing. We’re here to shed light on the question of saving energy with solar.

Read on to find out if switching to solar can help you save energy.

What Does It Mean to Save Energy?

Let’s get into the science of energy for a moment. We’ll keep things simple, so don’t worry about what you can’t remember from your high school physics class!

Energy is something that we can transfer or transform. Energy exists in an unfathomable number of forms and, believe it or not, it isn’t something that we create or destroy. What that means is that you can’t “save” energy while using energy–you can only conserve energy by not using it at all.

We know what you’re thinking. Why is there so much hype around solar power if it doesn’t technically “save” energy? Let’s take a look at what we mean when we talk about “energy savings” produced by solar power.

How Does Solar Power Change the Way We Use Energy?

Solar power is energy harnessed from the sun. The sun is a resource that we can depend on for, well, at least several million years.

Other sources of energy, such as coal and other fuels we use to currently power most of the world, are not renewable. That means that eventually, we’re going to run out. More importantly, continuing to rely on these nonrenewable sources of fuel is doing serious damage to our planet.

When we use solar power to keep the lights on and the fridge cold and the TV powered up, something cool happens. While the way we navigate our household needs doesn’t change, we significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the environment.

Does Solar Power Save Money?

Talk to residential solar experts about the way switching to solar can impact your bank account. Yes, there are upfront costs when making the switch. However, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money in no time.

Switching to solar comes with financial incentives. It also costs a lot less to power a house with solar energy than it does with electricity, which is rising in cost at a rapid rate.

Solar Power Is Better for Your Wallet and the Environment

Does solar power save energy? The literal answer is that there’s no real way to use and save energy at the same time. However, what most of us mean when we talk about “saving energy” is reducing the impact our energy usage has on the environment and our wallet–and solar power comes through for both.

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