Are Solar Panels the Future? 5 Reasons to Switch to Solar


“Should I switch to solar power,” you ask? Well, yes, of course you should!

As you’re about to find out, the benefits far outweigh the cost of switching to solar energy. So, if you don’t yet have solar panels installed in your home, you’re missing out on these enormous, future-proofing benefits. But we’re about to fix that.

The following guide lists 5 incredible reasons why you should switch to solar. For instance, besides saving you money, it helps your community and increases your property value.

If you’re on the fence about going solar, you definitely won’t be after reading this list. Read on to learn more.

1The Tax Rebate Incentive Is Ending

The federal government offers a tax rebate for homeowners who invest in renewable solar energy. But the current program only runs until 2024. After that, it may or may not be renewed.

In addition, many other incentives are available depending on your location. For example, according to Blue Raven, Texas homeowners can take advantage of multiple incentives through the state government and local utility companies.

2Reduce Your Energy Bill

There are a lot of factors that determine how much energy your household will save by switching to solar. For example, there are a few different technologies used to harvest/convert solar power. So, some solar energy systems are more efficient than others.

The size of your home, the amount of energy you use, and the amount of sunlight your panels get will also make a difference. Your solar installer can help you estimate your savings though.

In any case, one thing is for certain. You will save money on your monthly energy bill. Eventually, the money you save will exceed the cost of installation.

3Help Your Community

Furthermore, you aren’t just conserving energy for yourself when you invest in solar panels. You’re also helping to reduce strain on your local energy grid.

In most locations, there are now too many people consuming energy. In other words, the power companies can’t harvest energy quickly enough to keep up with the demand. That’s why so many areas experience frequent power outages.

Fortunately, when homeowners like you start using solar power, you use less electricity from the grid. Then, the electric companies have more energy to distribute to everyone in your community.

4Help the Environment

Only 20% of the energy generated in America is from renewable sources. The other 80% is poisoning our environment so that we can keep our lights on. Unless more homeowners switch to solar power very soon, there will be serious environmental consequences.

5Solar Panels Boost Your Property Value

Finally, when it comes time to sell your house, solar power is a very big selling point. This will easily help your home sell faster and for more money than similar homes that aren’t solar-powered.

Make the Switch to Solar Now

Don’t miss out on these benefits any longer. Make the switch to solar panels as soon as possible.

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