Is Solar Panel Installation a DIY Job?


Don’t you just love DIY projects that boost your home’s value?

For example, a few cans of paint can go a long way in making your house more appealing to visitors, as well as potential buyers. The same goes for putting in crown molding, replacing plastic blinds with window shutters, installing a new front door, and so on.

Some home improvement projects, however, are best left to professionals. These include roofing repairs, any electrical work, plumbing, and solar panel installation.

Now, if you’re not sure why solar installation shouldn’t be a DIY job, read on. Here, we’ll discuss why it’s better to hire a solar contractor who can install your solar power system properly.

Work With a Solar Company for Safety Reasons

While many reviews online help you select the best solar panels for your needs, installing them is another matter entirely. Keep in mind that during solar panel installation, you’ll have to work with some electrical parts. You’re lucky if you only cause damage to the panels, but what if you start an electrical fire?

Not only will you injure yourself, but you’ll also put others in your home in danger. The risk also doubles if you opt for a rooftop solar power system. It isn’t easy climbing up and down, even if you have a sturdy ladder.

Working with a reliable solar company means you’ll never have to put anyone at risk of falling and other injuries.

Get Solar Panel Installation Right the First Time

A solar energy company that has installed countless panel systems knows the optimal positions for maximal solar cell efficiency. They’re also equipped with the right tools to put in the best fit solar power system for any home.

As for saving money, you should know that DIY solar panel installation isn’t exactly cheap. DIY installers still need to pay for permitting, inspection, and other costs like sales tax, hardware expenses, and delivery charges.

You might save more if you opt for a solar supplier that also does installations. Remember to ask for their pricing structure since you might be able to lower your expenses through rebates.

Take Advantage of Workmanship Warranties

Solar installers offer workmanship warranties. That means they’ll stand by the quality of their work, from designing the system to installing it.

While this might seem that it should be a given, remember that for rooftop solar panels, there’s a danger of voiding the current warranty you have on your roof. A professional solar contractor will ensure your roof will remain in tip-top condition before, during, and after the installation.

Another warranty a solar installation company might offer is equipment servicing. While newer solar panels are pretty durable, you should still take advantage of this warranty to keep your system’s performance reliable for years to come.

Installing Solar Panels Is a Job for the Experts

A residential solar system is an investment. It’s best not to experiment with solar panel installation just to save money.

Don’t forget, there are safety risks to consider, and you might end up spending more if you damage the panels and void the warranty on your roof.

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