Share Costs with ZAP


Buying a new car brings with it images of freedom, long memorable trips and more time to yourself. However, rising car prices also mean that you will be under a large financial burden as you pay off your car for years. A car is a depreciating asset once you buy it, but the EMIs you pay will have no respite. This is one of the obstacles that new car buyers have to deal with.

With the new ZAPster initiative by Zoomcar, you can go ahead and buy your new car, while holding on to the financial flexibility that you love. ZAP is a shared ownership program that helps people pick up new cars and have them listed on Zoomcar occasionally to earn some money back. A simple arrangement that can help you earn up to Rs 20,000 a month, this will go a long way into balancing out those imposing EMIs.

A New Car with Zoomcar

Zoomcar is established as a nationwide brand and has a great network of partners. Take advantage of these relationships by buying a car with Zoomcar. Get favourable terms on the latest models by Tata, Hyundai, Maruti, Ford and Mahindra – India’s top car manufacturers. Zoomcar will also introduce you to a range of trusted finance providers so you can choose from the best interest rates and conditions. With this process, you can shave off your new car expenses even before the ZAP sharing model kicks in.

Modern, Reliable, Safe

With a professional support team, state of the art tech and customer focused sharing plan, ZAP is a modern and simple way to negotiate the EMIs of your car. Sharing the car on the Zoomcar platform is an effortless process which does not require car-owners interacting with customers and can be completed with the touch of an app. The car owner has complete control with the ZAP sharing model and can choose to rent on hours or days that suit him or her. A transparent billing process ensures that owners know what they are being paid for and you can always track your car’s location when it is being listed on the Zoomcar platform.

The Set-Up

It is really simple to sign up as a ZAPster. If you already have a car, the main compliance pre-requisite is registering it as a commercial vehicle. By registering with Zoomcar, you will be absolved of all liabilities that happen during a listing period, ensuring that you have a hassle-free day while your car is out earning for you. The car will need to be installed with Zoomcar’s very own analytics platform – Cadabra – so you can track your car health. By tracking essential aspects like clutch usage, engine health and fuel usage, the software helps you execute preventive maintenance and save tonnes of money. Once these requirements are in place, all you need to do is master the simple app and start sharing your car.

Gain Financial Freedom

With a presence in 22 cities in India and constantly expanding, Zoomcar is a game-changer in urban and long distance self-driving transport. Be part of this revolution and gain back your own new car costs in the most convenient of ways. Choose the ZAPster way for financial freedom.


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