How to Get Best Senior Citizen Health Checkup Packages?


Various population predictions state that by the year 2050, there will be over 2 billion senior citizens. Thus, senior healthcare requirements are set to increase from twelve percent to 22 percent in the near future.

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It is essential that the health care system for senior citizens is of high quality to ensure that they continue to experience good health. Several statistics indicate that healthy senior citizens contribute to the nation’s economy to a great extent.

The elderly are more prone to many diseases due to reducing the immunity system. New-age model senior citizens’ health care provides preventive measures against diseases such as depression, heart attacks, dementia, cancer, and stroke.

The health checkup packages for senior citizens usually cover tests for anemia, cholesterol, ECG, lipid profile, thyroid, abdomen wellness, CBC, and blood glucose level. Few full-body health checkup tests provide an option to add the tests for bone density, stool, prostate, and eye.

Other popular health care packages include haemogram tests, physical well-being, DEXA scan, diet consultation, physiotherapy, heart health, PSA, and mammogram.

Choosing The Best Health Care Package


There is a varying range of health checkup packages; the price varies depending on the number of tests and insurance coverage. Few jurisdictions and commercial places offer free checkups for senior citizens; few industries provide free health care services after retirement.

Based on the terms and conditions provided by the insurance providers, hospitals reimburse the covered amount. Few insurance providers cover only limited hospitals and a certain number of tests; thus, it is essential to read the fine print to know all the benefits.

The test price packages vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars; factors such as age, recent tests, and symptoms of any ailments play a crucial role in the pricing.

Hospitals conduct general checkups for senior citizens; however, advanced tests would be recommended if the general tests indicate an ailment symptom. Thus, the pricing will again change in such instances.

Medicines play an essential role in the determination of health care prices. The generic variants of the medications are available at the introductory price, and branded medications are available at high-end whole body health checkups. Based on allergy, dosage, and quantity factors, the medicines will be added or reduced accordingly.

The inclusion of emergency care needs is vital in any health care system; the pricing varies as per the level of coverage sought. Emergency care includes bleeding, chest pain, unexplainable sudden pain, bladder infection, and trouble breathing.


Budget and convenience often go together. Convenience is choosing only a limited number of tests to know the body health condition. A generally fit person who has a healthy diet and works out regularly has the convenience to choose a simple urine test/ blood test; they can opt for only a particular type of test when there is sudden bodily discomfort.

Another aspect of convenience is the option to choose an on-call doctor home for a routine checkup. However, specific tests require mandatory hospital visits, such as ECG and x-ray tests. Thus, the price again varies for private visits and manual hospital visits.


Senior citizens require greater medical attention due to their physical ability to pick up ailments quicker. Thus, choosing the medical health care packages that fulfill all their requirements is essential.

The two most crucial components of any health care package are budget and convenience; the sub-categories include ailments, need for a personal doctor, the type of tests, number of insured tests, and number of add-on tests.


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