How To Choose The Right Samsung IP Camera For Your Business Premises


Being in control of your business is an arduous task fraught with frustrations and anger outbursts. But with the rights Samsung IP camera watching over your staff and property, you can rest easy.

However, the choice of your surveillance camera to a great extent determines the depth of service you get from the device. Low-key cookie-cutter cameras may just ruin your well-intentioned business monitoring project.

This resourceful guide will take you on an awesome tour of all things business premise cameras and how to choose the right one for you.

Do you need a surveillance camera? If yes, why?

If you have a business, the first question that comes to the fore is why you even need a camera. This largely informs the type and size of the surveillance camera you will have to consider. The following are some of the reasons why you may need a surveillance camera in your business premises.

  • To keep an eye on the cash register and monitor your employee productivity
  • To determine shoppers’ behavior and their preferences.
  • To keep track of your business inventory
  • To monitor shoplifters and catch them in the act.
  • To keep restricted areas out of bounds

The list could be endless as it all boils down to the nature and size of your business. Two things clearly stand out here, though. You will either settle for an indoor IP camera or an outdoor one.

Samsung has some of the best smart IP surveillance cameras which are sure to give you the peace of mind and convenience you need. With only your smartphone wherever you are, you could monitor all the departments of your business to check in real-time whether there is work going on or otherwise.  Equally, these IP cameras are able to store hours of footage either on an SD card or the cloud for ease of retrieval.

Some of the features that stick out like a sore thumb in these Samsung cameras are their Wi-Fi connectivity which enables them to send audio-visual footage as they are recorded to your smartphone. This way, you get to know all the employees who have reported for duty and those who are chatting away at the business entrance.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

For example, with this SmartCam HD Pro Samsung IP Camera, you could link a couple of these devices on a single email address to give you alerts every time a suspicious movement occurs. As a precautionary measure against false alerts, you could set this camera to focus on the areas you consider most sensitive and only receive notifications when movements are detected in there.

This HD Samsung camera also comes with an SD slot of up to 64GB to record its 1080p of surveillance footages. Your worries concerning image overexposure/ underexposure with this device are also put to rest as the device is capable of adjusting depending on the light that enters it.  It is a great option for either indoor or outdoor use.

Indoor cameras

For indoor uses, you may consider a camera with the same properties as this Samsung SmartCam HNH P6410NB.  It is not only sleek and modest to fit b just anywhere within your business but also extremely powerful enough to relay crisp footage in real time.  Its Ethernet capability ensures it stays up and running even when Wi-Fi becomes flaky. The images relayed by this indoor surveillance camera are 1080p hence clearer. You could actually recognize faces of the people in the footage from your phone.

Samsung is a popular brand in the market, and getting the right surveillance camera for your business may be challenging. There is more assurance, nonetheless, that a Samsung cam will always be a cut above the regular.  For outdoor uses, always go for the weather-resistant outdoor cams. Similarly, you could use an outdoor camera inside production areas where there may be condensation and chemicals. These outdoor cameras are often hardy and resistant to extreme conditions.


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