What You Should Know About Safety at Work and the Consequences of Workplace Accidents


You may already be aware that every employer has a responsibility to their workforce to retain a safe working environment. The Health and Safety Executive’s role is to do its best to ensure that the ordinary working individual is protected from unnecessary risks in the workplace, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. At times, the worker is directly to blame, but at other times, fault can be laid at the door of others – and this is when compensation may be due. If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, it is certainly worth talking to someone who specialises in such compensation claims rather than simply accepting the first offer your employer gives you. Some injuries may be very minor, but others that are far more serious can lead to you, the victim, being unable to work for an extended period, and any successful claim must take this into account. Here’s what you should know about safety at work – and the consequences of workplace accidents.

Talk to the specialists

The law covers all aspects of life, but it makes sense to use someone who specialises in such things rather than a firm that covers everything from conveyancing to wills, estates, and crime. Companies and law firms such as Shires Law can provide a solicitor in Gloucester who represents people looking for compensation every day of the week. Good solicitors are likely to take such cases on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so there is no need to worry about the cost of getting help.

The importance of the accident book

It is essential for you to report any accident as soon as it happens and have it entered in the accident book that every company must have. There is no need to tell your employer of your intention to seek legal help at that time, and you will have protection against any action the employer might want to take against you once they are made aware of your claim. In almost every case, any successful claim will be paid out by the employer’s insurance, so there will be little effect on your employer’s cash flow.

The risk

There are various risks in the workplace, even if it has been assessed for safety. Machinery will always be hazardous, for example, and operators need to take great care at all times. Accidents still happen, and as long as it was not your fault, then a claim specialist can help.

Without a doubt, some working environments are more dangerous than others. Construction sites inevitably hold greater risks, and even though they should be minimised, they cannot be entirely eradicated by their very nature. Simple things like falling or slipping on a wet surface can also cause injuries; on construction sites, there is the chance of falling materials or vehicle accidents as well. Some workers may work high up on scaffolding where a fall could have extremely serious consequences. Others may work on roofs or spend their time on ladders; each of these activities has potential dangers.

There are many who go through their working lives without incident, but there are plenty who suffer a problem through no fault of their own. This is where a solicitor specialising in work accident compensation claims becomes invaluable to your claim.


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