Room Makeovers to Try in 2021


I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been quite what any of us expected. With 2021 dawning a lot has changed and chances are you are probably sick of the sight of the inside of your house. If you are in the mood for change here are four home improvement options to try out. Choose just one or combine them all for a completely fresh new look from top to bottom.


Let’s start from the top down. Look up. Your ceiling pretty much goes unnoticed (unless you are dealing with a mystery overhead leak, in which case this post on roof leaks will be more helpful). Whites and creams are the most common colors of ceiling, and depending on when your house was built you might have some stylish anaglypta-Esque swirls to contend with too. However, there is no rule that says it needs to be that way.

Different colours can help give rooms a very different feel. If you are looking for a cozy and intimate atmosphere, say for example in a study or home office, a dark color on the ceiling will do just that. A good rule of thumb is to only go 2 or 3 shades darker than the colors of on your walls to create a sophisticated look.

On the other hand, if you want to give an illusion of space, ditch the old advice about adding more mirrors to a room and add a glaze to your ceiling paint after it is applied. The glaze will reflect light giving the impression of a more airy space. You can use this tip with light, bold and even dark colors to open up your possible pallet even more.


Fancy something eye-catching? Consider a statement or accent wall. This could be as simple as painting one wall a contrasting color to the rest of the room. If you want something even more impactful, take a look at feature wallpaper. Think metallic, bold patterns and even full-on murals.

Removable wall decals have come a long way in both size and design possibilities making this tip an excellent one to try with minimum fuss. Similarly, you can now find a large selection of removable wallpaper which is ideal for sprucing up rented accommodation and for kids whose taste in bedroom décor seems to change at the drop off a hat.

A note of caution though. Some ‘removable’ options are less removable than others. Always read the instructions carefully to find out the best conditions for the product and perhaps do a test patch in an inconspicuous area first.


Sticking with walls, have you spent much time looking at your radiators recently? If they are of the grimy white variety it could be time for an upgrade. Much like ceilings, white is no longer your only option. I found a great selection of colors here at Trade Radiators that are an excellent way to add a pop of color to a room or make it that little bit more sophisticated with an option like anthracite (my new favorite interior design color).

If you are worried about the plumbing required to swap out or install a new radiator consider an electric option. These puppies are ideal for adding a boost of heat with the minimum of fuss. All you need is a plug socket to get them going.


Lastly, we come to the ground beneath our feet and the easiest tip of all. For a super-quick makeover, rugs are your best friend.

Even carpeted rooms can benefit from a rug. The trick here is to choose a rug that has a different texture from your carpet. The size will also make a big difference. When it comes to putting a rug on top of carpet, bigger is usually better. Imagine the carpet as the frame to the rug, rather than the rug being an island in a sea of carpet.

If you have wooden or tile floors then you can get much more creative with how you use rugs. Mix up sizes and use them to accent furniture pieces or areas of the room. A bright, soft rug is ideal for a kids area (just make sure its washable!). While smaller more detailed rugs can really highlight statement pieces in your home.

I hope these top to bottom tips have inspired you to try something new within your home in 2021, let me know in the comments if you give any of them a try.


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