Role of a pediatric cardiologist


Paediatric cardiology is a nuanced, but an independent branch of cardiology that deals with congenital or acquired cardiologic complications of children and infants. Pediatric cardiologists have to undergo the specialized training program in pediatric cardiology. Though in normal parlance it does not seem to have much difference with cardiology in general, yet the job of a top paediatric cardiologist in Mumbai is often more strenuous and demanding. Fortunately, there are many such doctors in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. However, they command a considerably high price.

Perhaps the most important course of treatment in this regard is to be aware of the problems of the patient and this is only possible if the patient is clear in terms of communication. The cardiologist should make the patient comfortable so that they can state the concerns in an easy manner.

Role of a pediatric cardiologist

The job or a pediatric cardiologist often starts after referral by the pediatrician. Sometimes a pediatric cardiologist is also a part of the team that checks up the health of a new born. If there is no such doctor in the team the pediatrician is supposed to check out all the parameters. If he or she senses some abnormality in the cardiologic condition of the fetus or the infant he brings it to the notice of the pediatric cardiologist. The pediatrician may rely on abnormal heart sounds like murmurs and other diagnostic parameters to identify a cardiologic status of the fetus or the newborn. Children are sometimes born with congenital heart defects like the atrial septal defect, heart valve disorders etc. Some of these conditions need surgical intervention.

Sometimes these medical staffs have their own clinic or they operate under the banner of a hospital. You will find that though the charges of any medical treatment are almost the same, but the consultation charges tend to differ considerably. So do have an eye on the budget if you are planning to get in touch with them.

Pediatric dentistry

There is a lot of problem with children’s teeth. Children suffer from tooth decay, tooth loss, tooth cavity etc. Many children also have the habit of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. This may result in misaligned, deformed or decayed tooth. To treat such malformations in children’s teeth one needs to visit a paediatric dentist. If your child has developed some misalignment, decay or cavity in its teeth then you need to visit a pediatric dentist. He or she will try to cover it up using the crown or rectify it by using removable brace like Invisalign or by filling in the cavity. However, some malformations or misalignments of teeth do require surgical intervention. Nevertheless, the best pediatric dentist in Mumbai will try to avoid surgical intervention as much as possible. He or she will rather try to rectify the problem by using braces, crowns etc.

Children’s food habits

Children’s food habits are unique. They eat a lot of chocolates and sugary foods. This renders their teeth susceptible to decay and developing cavities. When a tooth has developed the cavity, the doctor will fill it with the help of sealants. These days there are many children who have one or more of their teeth filled due to cavities. To prevent this, you should see that your child does not consume much sugary food.


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