6 Regulations You Must Follow When Boating in Canada


Boats make a fun part of outdoor activities. But if you are not careful, it can be fatal. To help you enjoy boating without losing any limb, we are giving you some wise guidelines that will help you get out of water unscratched every time.

Obtain Your Boating License

If you have a marine vessel, you must get a license. Any watercraft including Sea Docos, Ket Ski, SailBoat with Motor and Powerboats needs a license. Log on to Aceboater.com, and apply for a license.

But before you do it, you need to learn the rules of water and test your knowledge related to boat safety. Complete several training modules and take the official exam. If you get caught boating with a license, you will need to pay a hefty fine, and may get your vessel confiscated.

Follow the Safety Regulations

Do you know around 70% people who drown in boat accidents never had a lifejacket. LifeJackets aka Personal Flotation Device turn you onto your back while you are in water. They will rise you above water level even if you are fall unconscious.

However, they wont save your skin if you don’t even wear them. So make sure you protect everyone with lifejackets before leaving for the trip.

Never Ride the Tide Under Influence

We need strict laws against drinking and boating just like we have for driving. Well, boating while under the influence of alcohol or some other stuff is illegal, but most boaters don’t follow it.

The Canadian Authorities took strict action and can suspend your license if you are caught drinking and boating. This is nothing to joke about as more than half boat fatalities are because of alcohol.

Never Leave Unprepared

You need the proper equipment to survive. Let your workers at docks know when you are going and when you will get back. Prepping carefully can safe your skin. For a better sense of protection, get a premium insurance cover because the basic cover wont pay for all sorts of damage.

Learn More

Boating is fun but it can be the most dangerous activity, therefore you need to keep learning to know how to get out of emergency scenarios.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to attend long lectures, just a take a quick refresher course and you will be fine.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Unfortunately, almost 150 Canadians lose their lives in Boating accidents every year. Even those who went through extreme testing have a lapse in judgement. Life Jackets could have prevented more than half of these deaths.

Wearing a Life Jacket is one of many precautions you follow. Following, we are naming other life-saving precautions you should follow:

  • Have a Gas Tank Onboard
  • Get Extra Personal Floating Devices (Life Jackets or Preserver)
  • Obtain Your Boating License
  • Stay Away from Booze
  • Always have a Boat Safety Kit consisting of Flashlight, whistle, and Safety Lines

If you have a big boat, then you better get a row boat or canoe as backup. These are handy and can help you even when you ran out of fuel.


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