4 Reasons You Might Need a Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury can be caused by many ways, like slip and fall, as well as road accidents. Regardless of the type of personal injury, it can be traumatizing and will surely have a negative impact on your life.

That being said, dealing with the hassles and complications revolving around personal injury on your own can be difficult on your part. One reason is, you could be still not in the right state of mind to handle all the intricacies involved. Also, by dealing with the hassles yourself, you may be unaware of the fact that you could be settling for a lower settlement. This usually happens if you’re not adept at handling all the legal concerns.

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Since you’re not an expert on personal injury law and you don’t want to engage yourself in a legal battle knowing you might just lose in the end, it’s best to know when you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Also, it’s notable to remember not all personal injuries may warrant a lawyer.

Here are some circumstances that require a lawyer’s opinion:

  • You’re involved in an accident that resulted in death and/or serious injuries
  • You or your family experienced financial and emotional difficulties due to your injuries
  • The accident resulted in a disability, either temporary or permanent
  • Unsure whether the settlement is fair

Furthermore, a trusted attorney won’t financially scam you. This is because they work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t get to pay any of their legal aid unless they obtain a settlement or a verdict on your behalf. Thus, there’s no need to worry about any upfront costs.

Reasons You Might Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Now that you know the circumstances, it’s time to know various reasons why you must consider a personal injury lawyer after an accident. Do note that you must have a reputable and knowledgeable legal expert on your side. If you haven’t shortlisted a lawyer yet, for example you can check out oklahomalawyer.com or any other legal provider depending on the state you’re currently residing in.

To further convinced you not to tackle a personal injury on your own, here are different reasons why you might need a personal injury lawyer:

1To Focus On Your Recovery

Unfortunately, a personal injury doesn’t only revolve around you focusing on your recovery. In fact, in addition to securing doctor’s appointments and test results, you should also handle the legal aspects concerning personal injury. This can be too overwhelming on your part, given that you’ve just sustained an injury.

However, with the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can solely focus on any therapy that your doctor advised. Your lawyer will be the one who’ll handle the cases, gather necessary documents, and even talk to the party at fault. This way, you’ll only deal with your lawyer instead of various paperwork and representatives, allowing you to focus on your recovery so you can quickly go back on your feet.

2To Have The Right Medical Attention

If you already have a legal representative prior to your injury, especially if they’re one of your emergency contacts, then the medical personnel will ensure to contact them. Your lawyer will then assure you get the right medical attention you deserve.

This is especially true if your lawyer is well-respected in both medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will help you rest assured you’re getting an expert doctor and a hospital that’ll provide you with adequate care.

3Need Help Dealing With Insurance Companies

While there are rules and regulations concerning how insurance companies operate, it’s not an assurance these companies will have your best interests in mind. In fact, most, if not all, insurance providers will focus on their interests.

Take note that insurance companies have an army of legal experts on retainer to aid them in looking for ways to minimize the amount they can pay you. In fact, the moment an injury is reported to the insurance companies of the party at fault, they’re already beginning their investigation about the nature of the injury so they can minimize their expenses.

This being said, you have to make things fair by having a reliable attorney on your side as well. By having one, you’ll rest knowing your rights are still upheld and everything about the accident, including your side of the story, is equally considered. Additionally, an attorney will help assess if the compensation the other party is offering is sufficient enough for the injuries you’ve sustained, giving you a fair verdict.

4To Expedite The Claim Process

As mentioned above, your main focus should be your recovery. After physically recovering from an accident, you then need to financially recover. The problem is, oftentimes, the claim process of a personal injury can take from months to years due to various reasons, like dealing with legal paperwork, interviewing witnesses, and even insurance red tape. If you’ll handle these on your own, then you may want to wait for months to start on the financial aspect of your personal injury, which will further delay your compensation.

Having a personal injury attorney on your side allows you to have someone who can stay on top of your claims, expediting the whole process. They can do this by negotiating with the at-fault’s lawyer and deal with insurance companies on your behalf. Hence, the moment you’re still recovering, your settlement is already being dealt, allowing you to get the compensation you deserve in a short time span.


Indeed, suffering from a personal injury will take a toll not just on your life but as well as your family. This is especially true if you’re the breadwinner and you’re the only one supporting the needs of every family member. In addition to the physical damages, you’ll also suffer from major financial loss.

Fortunately, with the help of a personal injury attorney, you’ll have the right to seek fair compensation, helping you focus on your recovery so you can quickly make up for any loss caused by the accident.


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