3 Reasons Individuals Are Starting To Use CBD Oil


CBD (cannabidiol) is no longer new. In fact, statistics show that one in every seven Americans has used CBD oil and other CBD-infused products. This number is expected to increase as more businesses start to manufacture and sell several CBD oil varieties in the market.

Many people have been adding CBD oil to their daily routine. If you haven’t tried the product yet, you might be curious as to why this is happening. Fortunately, this article can provide answers and give you information as to why CBD oil is gaining popularity today.

Here are some of the reasons why individuals are starting to use CBD oil:

1Doesn’t Make You High

There have been a lot of misconceptions about CBD oil in the past. Since CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, people think that using the product will immediately make them feel high or even cause addiction. However, this isn’t true because CBD oil has less THC content.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the principal psychoactive component of cannabis. In simpler terms, THC is the ingredient responsible for throwing the body off its natural balance and cause dependency and addiction. Marijuana has at least 80% THC content, while CBD oil only has 0.30%.

The amount of THC found in well-known CBD oil manufacturers, such as Receptra CBD oil, won’t have any adverse effects on the body or cause the user to be ‘high.’ In fact, the amount of THC found in CBD oil is known to effectively alleviate body pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

2Provides Many Health Benefits

People are willing to exert time and effort to improve their health. That’s why most of them are always looking for products that’ll make it easier to sleep at night, alleviate body pain, and keep stress at bay. Some people are even relying on supplements to help them maintain a healthy weight.

Another reason why more people are starting to use CBD oil is because this product can provide many health benefits. Because this is a natural supplement, long-term use of CBD oil won’t damage your organs or increase your tolerance, unlike most over-the-counter drugs.

Here are some of the science-backed benefits of CBD oil:

  • Reduces body pain: Chronic body pain can impact your mobility and productivity. When left untreated, this can even become the reason why your behavior and personality will drastically change.

    Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil is known to reduce chronic body pain. According to studies, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can create pain-relieving effects once it binds with the receptors in the brain.

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety: It’ll be challenging for you to function properly if you’re always stressed or regularly suffering from anxiety. Do you think you can make sound decisions or focus on tasks when you have poor mental health?

    If you’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety for years, CBD oil may help. Plenty of people use CBD oil to improve their mental wellness since this product may boost serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for your mood and social behavior.

  • Improves sleep health: Sleep is an important ingredient in achieving optimal health because whenever you sleep, your body repairs damaged tissues and muscles. Sleep also refreshes your mind and body, preparing you for the days ahead.

    The ability of CBD oil to improve your sleep is another reason why this product is becoming a popular choice among many today. Studies have supported that CBD oil may relieve insomnia and other sleep disorders because it manages two of the most common reasons why people regularly lose sleep–stress and body pain.

  • Reduces acne: Your skin is an important organ of the body because it protects your internal organs and regulates your body temperature. Your skin health can also influence your mental health because how you look can affect your confidence and body image.

    CBD oil can also reduce acne, which is one of the reasons why people are adding the product to their skincare routine. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil may regulate the oil production of your body and prevent dirt from being trapped in your pores.

3Easy To Incorporate To Diets

 Most of the medicines you can buy in the market today are in pill or capsule forms. While convenient to take, not everyone loves to swallow pills or capsules and taste its bitterness. In fact, 15 million in the US have some form of dysphagia, which is a medical condition for swallowing difficulties.

One of the reasons why individuals are starting to use CBD oil is because this product is very easy to incorporate into anyone’s diet. Because of its form, you won’t have any problems consuming CBD oil every single day and experience all of its health benefits.

Listed below are ways on how people have been incorporating CBD oil into their diets:

  • Add to drinks: CBD oil can easily be mixed with some of your favorite drinks, such as protein shakes, teas, and even coffee. You can even add a few drops of CBD oil to your fruit juice to add more flavor to the drink.
  • Use it as a marinade: CBD oil naturally has a strong flavor, making it a great option for marinades. If you’re having a party at your home, you can marinate meats with CBD oil and some of your favorite herbs and spices.
  • Add to your baked goodies: Baking is a great hobby, but do you know you can take yours up a notch by adding CBD oil? Another way to incorporate CBD oil to your diet is by adding a few drops of your product to the original recipe of your brownies and other baked goodies.

Ask Experts First

The reasons why more and more people are using CBD oil can be very enticing that you’re already thinking about doing the same. The information presented in this article might have educated you on how CBD oil is beneficial to your health and wellness.

However, before you take this direction, it’s important to talk to a medical professional and seek their approval first. CBD oil is generally safe, but using it in excessive doses can result in side effects, such as lethargy, upset stomach, nausea, and extreme drowsiness.


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