Your Adulting Report Card: 5 Reasons Your Credit Matters


Are you wondering if bad credit is that big of a deal?

Did you know that many people suffer from bad credit? How do we know that it is causing them problems?

Whether you have bad credit yourself or think you may have problems in the future, you are probably wondering if it is something that you need to worry about. This post will tell you how maintaining your credit can help.

Keep reading to learn why credit matters and how it can help you achieve your goals in the future. 

It Helps You Buy a House

If you are going to buy a house in the future, then you are probably going to get a mortgage.

For you to get a mortgage, the bank has to trust that you aren’t going to default on your payments. Good credit helps build this trust.

It will also affect where you live and how much you pay. Worse credit means that you are going to have a higher interest rate, and limit your purchase to less risky areas for the bank.

It Can Impact Your Car Purchase

Unless you have the cash for a brand new car, you need an auto loan from a lender. You are going to have problems getting one with bad credit.

The requirements for a car loan aren’t going to be as strict as with a mortgage, but you will be facing much higher interest and a higher down payment. You could end up paying much more than you need to for your new car.

A Few Jobs Will Check Your Credit

There are a few job sectors where your ability to manage money comes into play. These places will check your credit to see if you have shown a level of responsibility that you need for the job.

This responsibility is essential in financial or government positions where you may be handling money. If you can’t handle a small amount personally, how can you manage money for a large business or government?

Other Bills Can Be Affected

Did you know that utilities are a form of credit?

Utilities are one thing that most people need the most, and many don’t even realize that they are credit.

When you purchase electricity, gas, and other services you are being lent them on credit. When you sign up for utilities in a new location, many services will run your credit before receiving their services. If you have bad credit, they may require a down payment before turning them on for you.

It Can Help You Start a Business

Companies can be expensive to start, and many people use credit as a starting point.

You need to buy supplies, equipment, advertising, and whatever else that is required to get off the ground. A bank or lender will look at your personal credit history to determine if they can trust you for a business credit card.

If you don’t qualify, then you may need to try credit hacks to help improve your score enough to be trusted.

Your Credit Matters

By now you should be convinced that your credit matters and take it seriously. It is vital to a large amount of your life, so any action you choose to help should be up for consideration.

Do you have any more questions about credit? Read our blog post on the most commonly asked questions about credit.


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