5 Reasons to Buy Hindu God Statues for Your Home


Hinduism is a vibrant, musical, and story-driven philosophy that is celebrated and has inspired devotees worldwide. The Hindu Gods and Goddesses are manifestations of the power that governs the universe.

Starting from Shiva, Vishnu,Ganesh to Shakti, Saraswati, and Lakshmi, there are 33 millionGods in this practice.

You may have already heard about some of them, like the Elephant God – Lord Ganesha, the obstacle remover, and the God of new beginnings. You may also have come across the blue yogic portrait of the Almighty Lord Shiva – the destroyer of the universe to pave the way for a new one.

Whether you are taking a spiritual trip to India or just learning or aspiring to become a yoga teacher- knowing about Hinduism is interesting and inspiring.

About Hinduism and its Gods

Over 80% of the Indian population worships and believes in these Gods. Stories about them lay the foundation for Hindu philosophy, teach about the aims and values of human life and show the right path to follow for enlightenment.

Hindu mythology has been one of the greatest mediums to pass down these teachings. Hindus primarily worship their Gods and Goddesses through meditation or devotional prayer. Many also worship or perform puja in a shrine.

Shrines are specific places that are created for meditation and prayer. They can range from rooms and altars to sculptures and pictures.

The devotees decorate the shrines with flowers and offerings. Apart from flowers, these offerings also include incense and prayer or mantra.

All through India, you can see beautifully decorated shrines that are dedicated to a variety of Gods. Images, statues, and buildings are adorned colorfully, and often fragrant flowers are used, especially during important festivals.

How Non-Hindus Are Embracing This

The beauty of the practice of Hinduism is that you do not have to subscribe to these religious beliefs. For example, you can make the most of this practice by creating a spiritual space with just the items that you like, provided you offer them with devotion and love.

If you want to tap into this powerful practice, you can start with meditation and one God or Goddess in mind. You can even have an image or statue of your favorite deity somewhere in your practice space.

This will help you focus your attention on the qualities that the chosen God or Goddess represents, like knowledge, power, wisdom, or peace.

Reasons to Buy Hindu God Statues for Your Home

Here are some major reasons why so many are opting for Hindu God statues for their homes

1No Need to Be a Hindu to Follow Hinduism

As said earlier, you do not need to be a Hindu to embrace Hinduism’s philosophy. When you purchase Hindu God statues, it is not essential to worship them or put them in a shrine. People have many kinds of objects on their altars that are not even religious. The idea is to create a space that is unique to your practice of worshipping. For this reason, Hindu God statues are being purchased across the globe by people following any religion or belonging to any faith.

2The Statues Inspire You to Go for Yoga

If Hindu Gods and deities inspire you, you can discover or cultivate their energy in yourself through yoga. Yoga is seen to benefit people from all walks of life across the globe. And Hindu God statues often inspire people to practice Yoga to awaken the dormant power that lies latent in all of us. This, undoubtedly, elevates your quality of life and enhances your spirituality.

3Such Statues Help You Focus While Meditating

Hindu God statues when placed in a shrine or a separate space, help you to concentrate as you meditate. Just looking at those statues enables you to separate yourself from worldly things and explore your spirituality more. Meditation is beneficial to enhance one’s attention and concentration. And it comes with a variety of mental health benefits. The Hindu God statues help you to make the most of this practice.

4They Beautify Your Interiors

Hindu statues are each a piece of art. These are built with utmost care and precision by superbly talented artists who leave no stones unturned to surprise you with their creation. Starting from the beauty of their face and ornamentation to the intricacies of their hands and feet – you will be enthralled to see these statues. That is why more and more people are purchasing them to take their home decor to the next level, if not for anything else.

5They Are Mood Lifters

Just looking at these idols will uplift your mood. In today’s world, depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc., are common, and you have to fight them off every day. These statues have a feel-good factor that inspires and re-energizes your senses.

All in all, it can be said that Hindu Gods can genuinely help you to reinstate your faith in everything good and positive. Their statues help you switch to a healthy and spiritual living where happiness and peace of mind prevail over everything else.


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