5 Top Reasons Why Your Business Must Offer Health Insurance


While you have many different benefits, you should grant them from your business, and health insurance is one ruling winner out of all. That is because providing your team with health insurance is a sign to your employees that you are concerned with their well-being. As such, the coverage benefits ensure everyone remains happy and healthy even in a small business establishment.

Well, the Affordable Care Act does not mandate every organization to offer health insurance benefits. Approximately one in every four firms having less than 50 employees agree and provide coverage. In addition, a promising 30 percent have plans of rolling such programs out in the coming years

Why are the small businesses agreeing to cover the workforce using group plans despite not being required to do that legally? Because this is good for both the business owners and the teams as a whole. In case you are on the fence, here are some top reasons why you must consider your employees.

Offering health insurance is easier

One big truth is that you will not have to undertake this process single-handedly. In a small business health insurance, the broker or advisor will direct you into the entire shebang. The go-to agent will help you choose the right plan for your team and yourself. Everything will be set up according to your industry and all your company’s folks’ coverage preferences. That means your compliance will be maintained continuingly as the agent serves as the resident know-it-all answering your employees’ difficult health insurance questions.

Keeps Employees happier

Workers by far consider health insurance as the important benefits employers can ever provide. That is the reason why business owners must prioritize offering health coverage in addition to other benefits. Of course, employees are also most satisfied when provided with health insurance, pension plans, and Vacation and PTO. If your employees value health benefits that much, you should equally prioritize it. Offering such plans can facilitate your recruiting process and entice your employees to remain longer in your corporation.

Saves your taxes money

When employees and employers purchase group health insurance, the benefit is bigger. You will pay less that becomes more money-saving, unlike if bought alone since post-tax dollars will be required. That means the government first taxes your employees’ earnings and uses the amount left to purchase whatever plan is needed. But using a group health insurance plan, the individuals pay for the insurance premiums through pre-tax dollars, ultimately saving between 30 to 45percent.

Employers who pay for group health benefits rather than high salaries receive sufficient tax savings. One reason is that you will pay workers’ compensation premiums and payroll taxes using money used for health insurance benefits. And more, your employees will always have a preference for benefits and not salary increments.

Ultimately, if you provide your employees with health insurance benefits, you are guaranteed boosted productivity. Being an employer, all you want is to have your employees focus on giving work the best efforts. As you know, the pain in setting up an insurance plan can be accompanied by worries that are time and energy-draining.


If you have enough reasons to roll out your plan to your employees. From creating a happier and healthier work environment to saving money for your team, taking the plunge today to offer small business health insurance coverage to your workforce is worth it. As a business owner and employer granting your team health benefits is a gesture that you are caring about everyone, eventually building some trust culture.


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