7 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney Before Inking the Deal


Divorce is a word that makes people pay attention to. If you’re going through one, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Having a competent professional that knows these answers will make the entire divorce process bearable. So, how long does it take to get a divorce in the UK? The ultimate answer is tied to the professional that represents your interests.

7. Communication

How often will your attorney communicate with you? New problems with your spouse can emerge each day, and they are all pertinent to the case. Knowing that you can have an open dialogue with your attorney is an important piece of the puzzle. How well a professional communicates with a client is all about to understand this balance.

6. Paperwork

You should have reasonable access to your paperwork, preferably in a digital format. This cuts down on unnecessary calls to your attorney about small details. It also allows you to see progress on the case from a distance – don’t take this for granted, as it can be a nice motivational tool. Inquire about files and access before hiring an attorney.

5. Security

Are the files you give to the office secure? A firm should have protocols in place to keep all digital files safe and secure from hacker access. If your attorney’s office has had a string of public breakdowns in security, then they are not the best choice to handle your personal information.

4. File Access

Even if a file is secure, permission for access to that file should be restricted to known parties. Think of it as having access to your medical records. Giving permission for a few people to view the information does not automatically include the hundreds of people they know. Be firm about the importance of protecting your personal divorce files from unauthorized access.

3. References

References are both the good and bad of finding a divorce attorney. If a friend or family member makes a recommendation, you should still do the legwork and look at references. Attorneys that have a good record will have no problem pointing you to reviews and references.

2. Personal Responsibility

Sometimes a team will work on your case in addition to the divorce attorney in charge. This is normal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask about it upfront. You don’t want the bulk of the work to be done by professionals that are underneath the attorney you hired. It is concerning and might cause communication problems down the line.

1. Cost

Paying more than you can afford to get a divorce will only leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Get a good divorce attorney, but don’t drain your account. Once the divorce is finalized, you’re starting over in life. If this new life is rooted in crushing debt, then you’ll have a hard time finding happiness.

Wrap Up

The best advice you will get about a divorce will come from an attorney. Getting emotional during a divorce is normal, but don’t let it dictate the lifelong decisions you make. Train your brain to deal with the hard parts of the process so that your divorce attorney can deal with the rest.


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