Finding the right mattress is as big a battle as falling asleep on the wrong one. The unending trips to multiple stores and testing different mattresses is not only time consuming but also tiring.

But the strenuous research is justified since a mattress is a big investment both functionally as well as economically.

Although there have emerged multiple options available in the market, natural innerspring mattresses have been trendy for decades now and a chunk of population still prefers them over others.

If you’re looking for a new mattress and thinking of buying an innerspring mattress,

here are some pros and cons to help you reach a final decision :

PRO : They’re Cheaper Than Other Options

While there are all kinds of new and old types of mattresses available in market, innerspring mattresses have the most affordable models. They provide better quality than most other mattresses at the such low prices. However, you can also find more expensive models of innerspring mattresses. The more expensive ones usually have more spring coils than the cheaper ones.

CON : They Have A Smaller Life Span

While you may save some cost while buying one, innerspring mattresses have a shorter life span. It is not uncommon for them to sag and wear out in a few years. Thus you may to go through the tiresome process of buying a new mattress again sooner than you thought.

PRO : Better Support Than Most Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have metal coils under the comfortable layers. The spring coils give your back support. The higher the coil count, the better the support and the better it is for your back. Other mattresses provide comparatively lesser support since there is no strong base to provide the same support. The kind of coiling used in the innersprings also makes for the amount of support they provide.

CON : Low Contouring

Since the interior of innersprings consists of metal spiralsall around, there is not much scope for it to contour according to your position and thus may not be as good to sllp on for stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

PRO : Comparatively Cooler Surface

While most mattresses are filled with layers of fibres like cootoon or wool or foam, they tend to trap and insulate more heat than innerspring mattresses since the latter majorly constitutes of coils. This is why innersprings provide a cooler surface to sleep on. It is thus more suitable for those living in warmer regions and for the hot sleepers among us.

CON : Too Noisy

Although they’re sooler, they tend to be loud. Any movement will lead to squeaky noises. There is no proper motion isolation. So if you’re a light sleeper or your partner is, this mattress may not be the best option for you.

PRO : Varied Options

Probably the biggest reason why innerspring mattresses are so popular even after decades is because they have varied options available in terms of firmness because of the types of coil usage and the the coil count. Moreover, they’re one of the most commonly available mattresses both online as well as offline. Many people even test them in stores and buy online for better offers and discounts.

CON : Poor Pressure Point relief

Pressure points are basically the parts of your body which take on the most pressure while you sleep. Pressure point relief is important because too much pressure during long sleep hors can cause serious problems to your body’s pressure points. Since innersprings are filled with coils, there is not much scope for it provide proper pressure point relief to your body.

While you should always test a mattress before buying it, the above points should give you a direction as to whether you should go further and test the mattress or move on to another option.

Even though there are a few downsides of innerspring mattresses, they’re still quite popular as first prerence among many because of decades old familiarity with them and some other almost exclusive perks like bounciness and easy availability in stores as well as online with low immediate cost.


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