How projects managers and organizations benefit from PMP certification


Obtaining a PMP certification will make you an internationally recognized project manager who can work anywhere. It will also increase your earning potential and sell you to prospective employers.

It’s a worthy investment that every project manager should consider taking to advance their career and experience. The certification process may be rigorous and time-consuming, but at the end of it all it pays off.

PMP certification not only does it improve your ability and grow your career, but there are other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you will gain when you become PMP certified.

Benefits for Project Managers

Affirms your credibility

Your first impression to a prospective employer is through your resume before even meeting in person. Jobs applications have a lot of competition, but with a PMP certification, you stand out from the rest and increase your chances of getting an invitation to interview.

It shows the employer that your experience is credible, skilled, and serious about your career and also that you have a wide knowledge based on project management. One of the requirements for PMP certification is having Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMOBK).

The certification will also tell you, clients or current employer that you are committed to your carrier and that you will manage their project in the best way possible.

Increase your earning potential

Project managers with PMP certification earn an average of 20% higher than those who don’t have it. Employers know the significance of PMP certification and are ready to pay higher to hire or retain a person with PMP certification. The budget of attaining a PMP certification is high, but you will be guaranteed a higher salary once you complete it. Increase your earning by joining knowledgehut which offers PMP certification in Houston.

Access greener pastures

Project managers are in great demand, and they are not enough in the market. Many industries need project managers who have skills, knowledge, and experience to manage their project successfully. Having a PMP certification will set you above the competition and give you a better chance to get hired.

Networking with other Project Managers

When you become PMP certified, you will also be a member of PMI automatically which connects projects managers globally. There are a lot of benefits in terms of career growth that are brought about by networking with others in your field.

Understand Project Management Language

There are a lot of terminologies in project management that every project manager should understand. PMP certification will help you to understand these terms better and internalize their concept. You are better off from the person who learned the terms while working on the field.

Undertake Complex project

Complex projects are challenging and being able to overcome these challenges is every project manager’s wish. When you have a PMP certification, you will get chances to work on a challenging project that broadens your mind and test your ability. At the end of it all, you will be satisfied and proud when you overcome the challenges.

Fit in different industries

PMP certification gives you the basics principles needed to manage any project. Certified project managers are in great demand from different companies and industries. All you will have to do is learn about the company when hired to manage for them. You can work in construction, insurance, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing, publishing, and information services among others.

It ensures Job security

Job security is never guaranteed since the 2008 recession, and most people are worried about maintaining their positions in organizations.  Artificial intelligence is driving people out of jobs.  PMP Certification will help you in ensuring your value for a company is still useful.

Benefits for Companies

Earns International Recognition

PMP certification program is internationally recognized. The project management International earned   ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation for PMP certification program. That gives it credibility in more than 90 countries.

Certified managers are considered to more valuable than non-certified as certification improves the level of skills and experience as well. Any company that wants to cut a niche in the global market should consider hiring qualified and PMP certified managers.

Adds Value to a Company

The experience that comes with a PMP certified project manager is very significant. A PMP certified manager has undergone thorough training to become a great leader and a team player. The manager is well equipped with leadership skill and is capable of running a company with ease and confidence.

You are guaranteed that the manager will work to their level best and perform duties without fear or favor. The employees would feel safe being led by an intelligent leader, who knows risk management. When you provide a conducive environment at a workstation, production increases and the company thrives. A certified project manager is a trustworthy person who can handle financial matters with caution in avoiding unnecessary monetary loss.

Create a good business track record

To increase the value of your business and productivity, you need to develop a healthy business culture. That is made possible by implementing effective measures at the managerial level. You should ensure that programs and projects are aligned to the organization’s strategy and concentrate on portfolio management.

A well-organized company should seek the services of a PMP certified manager to maintain a productive culture. That would help a company deliver services more appropriately and efficiently.

Have Organization Adaptability

A business should be able to adjust and adapt to market changes as quickly as possible. That includes disruptive technologies, new competitors and any other condition. That is made possible by implementing project management tools and techniques.

A certified manager is very helpful to a company as he or she is well trained to prepare for such occurrences. A company should have an elaborated strategy to counter market and environmental changes.


A project manager should have the best skills and qualities set to deliver quality services. PMP certification equips a project manager with the most fundamental skills and knowledge in project management. Organizations need to hire PMP certified project managers to promote accountability, responsibility, and credibility.


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