Steps to Prevent Mosquito Infestation in Your House


Despite your best efforts at preventing unwanted pests from entering your house, they will inevitably end up in it. Pests are relentless in pursuing an entry into your house to disturb the things or the people in it. You need to adopt a slew of measures to eliminate them before they make your life more difficult.

Mosquitos are one of the most notorious pests around. They enter via any opening to the outside and wreak havoc on people’s health. It is vital to contact a mosquito control service if the issue is severe or DIY solutions are not solving the problem. The experts have the know-how and tools to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Swatting the Blood Suckers Away

Mosquitoes are a hard target to kill because they are fast and small. They can escape your grasp before your palms even reach them. In Jackson, MS, the problem is worse: the higher than national average rainfall of 58 inches creates excellent breeding grounds for them in puddles. Availing of professional pest control, can help combat this infestation threat in your house, along with some preventive measures.

Remove Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes like nothing more than a patch of stagnant water, besides blood, of course. Those patches of water provide the ideal breeding ground for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs in and breed their next generation. The eggs and larvae need the cool and wet environment these puddles provide to develop well.

Identify every possible spot in and around the house where a puddle could get created. It could be at the base of garden plants, pits in the yard that the dog has dug up, open rooftop drain pipes, hollow tools, utensils, etc. If before the rainy season, then remove them while they are dry.

In case you want to deal with them after the rains, make sure to kill any larvae that you might find in them before throwing out the water. You could use natural or synthetic pesticides for the job. Cover the holes and pits so that they won’t gather water in them again.

Cover Windows with Mesh/Netting

Windows are the primary entry points for mosquitoes. They are usually kept open for airflow throughout the day and are quite large. Jackson’s 92 degrees high during summer are a good reason to do so. This setup provides the ideal opportunity for mosquitoes to enter the house looking for their target. Ventilators also function as similar entry points, as do doors kept open for long periods.

Add a layer of mesh/netting on the inside of your windows and ventilators. The size of the holes of the mesh must be smaller than that of adult mosquitoes. You could even get dedicated window shutters that contain the mesh in place of the glass pane. These open on the inside while the regular ones do that outside. Mesh doors are also an option.

Use Indoor and Outdoor Pesticides

Pesticides are an effective way to kill mosquitoes when used correctly. There are separate ones available for indoor and outdoor use with varying formulations and usage methods. The CDC provides information on both types for your knowledge on their website. Usually, it’s better to leave the outdoor spraying solely to the professionals as the insecticides require careful handling.

Foggers and sprays are commercially available for dedicated indoor mosquito prevention. Spraying them above a fan or near one will help distribute the insecticide to most, if not all, parts of the room. Target the cool, damp, and dark spaces of the house since mosquitoes like to gather there.

Contact Pest Control If Needed

There are 104.3 days of rain annually on average in Jackson. Even if you do your best to stop mosquitoes from taking over your house, it might not be enough. So many rainy days mean many chances for mosquitoes to keep breeding and entering your home. When the problem becomes too difficult to solve by yourself, enlist a pest control agency. They’ll tackle the problem without sparing any corners both inside and outside the house. They could even suggest tips on improving your house’s defenses against mosquitoes. However, choosing the right agency may be a bit tricky too. Look at the services they offer, experience, licenses, and reviews before hiring the pros.

Mosquitoes won’t just sing in your ears; they could send you to the hospital if left unchecked. Pest control in Jackson, MS, will ensure that you are free from their dangers and annoyances.


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