Is Pottery Business Profitable?


Is pottery your passion? Do you want to turn it into a profitable business? In this article, we’ll discuss the facts you need to know before you venture into pottery, funding, and management.

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What is Pottery?

Pottery is the art of making vases, pots, and other decorative or useful products from baked clay or earthenware. Some people find the process relaxing, while others adore their end creation. If you’re someone who wants to share their pottery talents with others, then turning it into a business is a great way to do so.

How to Start a Pottery Business

Before you can sell pieces and officially start your pottery business, you first need to be aware of the capital and expenses you’ll need to expect. The following are some of the costs you need to prepare for:

  • Items for your process such as clay, hand tools, colorants, and others
  • Items for your marketing and sales such as point of sale systems, business cards, and advertisements
  • Other ongoing expenses such as electricity, water, and rent for the workspace and showroom

How to Make Money with Pottery

Pottery business owners either choose to make unique pieces for individuals or through wholesale. Whatever you may pick, you’ll need to have a great network and marketing team, so many people will know of your business.

Aside from getting the word out about your business, you’ll also need to prove that you’re worth their attention. Make sure your pieces are of excellent quality and that they satisfy your customers. You can also let your current clients leave a review or feedback regarding your items so you’re aware of how your business is doing.

How Much Should You Charge?

Pieces’ prices vary and depend on many factors, such as the costs of making the item and any other special request by the customer. Never lowball yourself and your skills, especially if you’re confident with your abilities and the quality of your end product. A simple vase can cost $30, while other more extensive, more complex displays can sell up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Other Ways to Profit in a Pottery Business

To always keep your business busy, you can also earn from other sources aside from selling your items.

Offer Pottery Classes

Share your skills and demonstrate them to other hopeful artists interested in pottery. While in class, you can also sell snacks, cheese, or even wine.

Invite Curious Individuals

There are also many instances when people don’t want to enroll in a class or commit themselves for more than a few hours. In this case, you can schedule a group viewing of your process with some participation, such as letting them paint the finished pieces that they can take home as a personalized souvenir.

Collaborating with Other Artists or Establishments

Presenting your skills with other artists will increase the buzz in your community about your art and work, benefiting both you and the other artists. You can also make a deal with establishments such as hotels and bars to display or use your pieces so your works will be exposed to their customers.

Is the poetry business profitable? Yes. In fact, any business is profitable as long as you properly manage and give it your all to make the business work.


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