A Definitive Guide to The Most Popular Hemp Flower Strains


While there are different species of cannabis, there are even more strains of the hemp flower, each with its own distinctive properties and qualities. Read on to find out some of the most well-known hemp strains and their respective characteristics.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most well-known hemp strains, and for good reason. Created by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado, this variety of hemp was designed to have as much CBD packed in it as possible, while minimizing the amount of THC at the same time. Specifically, it’s a Cannabis sativa strain, though its parent strains have been kept a secret.

Since the goal of Charlotte’s Web was to mainly maximize CBD concentrations in a hemp plant, the taste itself isn’t something worth celebrating about. You can taste the CBD in it, and its natural taste won’t satisfy your taste buds too much.

Cherry Wine

There’s a lot to write home about when it comes to Cherry Wine. Not only does it contain high amounts of CBD, but it also does well in the taste and smell departments. As a hybrid of the Wine and Charlotte’s Web strains, Cherry Wine contains at least 15.4% CBD and less than 0.3% of THC, the legal threshold. One caveat of Cherry Wine is that it can be prone to exceeding the legal THC amount, so keep that in mind when buying yourself some.

And Cherry Wine’s flavor doesn’t disappoint either. It’s not as bitter as its sibling strains and has a sweet aroma to it as well. If you want to know how to spot a Cherry Wine flower, look for a hemp flower with dense and large buds.


A hybrid between Suver Haze and ERB, Lifter was bred by Oregon CBD and has since become a popular newcomer strain due to its unique look and taste. The strain is easily distinguishable from others as its small buds give off a cheesy aroma. It’s got a pretty high CBD% too, clocking in at around 9.88%.

Although it might not smell like it, Lifter’s taste is similar to that of a fruit or berry and is sweeter than most strains. If you want to introduce a friend to the world of hemp, Lifter’s a good place for them to start.


Oregon CBD is behind more than just the creation of Lifter. They’ve also bred Early Resin Berry and ACSC to create what’s known as Elektra. Elektra boasts a 15.6 CBD%, which is pretty high even for hemp standards. You can tell an Elektra apart by noticing its orange and green buds, as well as its unique scent reminiscent of chocolate and wine. The taste is mostly herbal, though, so it may not appeal to most newcomers.

Berry Blossom

Known as one of the more sedative hemp strains, Berry Blossom focuses more on its aroma and experience rather than its CBD concentrations. Its most notable feature is its distinctive smell, which is exceptionally fragrant and tropical. As a hybrid between Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar, it’s recognized for its green buds.

The taste of a Berry Blossom may not be as sweet as an actual berry, but for hemp, it’s pretty close. The berry aroma does carry over to its flavor, though the earthy and usual CBD tastes are still present. While it does contain more THC than your usual hemp, it’s not strong enough to stick you to your couch, providing a relaxing experience to users.

While there are many other well-known hemp flower strains out there, these strains mentioned above are good popular choices to choose from if you’re not too picky on what to try out next (or first).


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