This Is How People in an Office Can Socially Distance


It’s inevitable that everything is going to be different when large facilities open up again. Those of us that are going back to an office setting are dreading this new process of keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe after months of working from home.

Though it may add some variety to the shelter-in-place lifestyle that we’ve adapted to, going back to the office may increase the odds of contracting an illness and be the source of diminishing your mental health.

Continue reading to learn how people in an office can maintain healthier social distancing practices at work.

Maintain a Social Distance

It’s important to stay safe and continue to practice social distancing when we return to work. The office crowd will only add to the chance that you might get sick.

If you are at high risk or are uncomfortable with the chance of getting sick, you can ask to extend working from home for as long as possible.

Reduce the amount of time that you spend in the office altogether. It may be possible for you to commute to work once or twice a week and do the rest from home.

Sometimes it is impossible to work from home depending on the needs of your office. If it is crucial to come back to work for the business to thrive, make sure to stay 6 feet from your colleagues whenever possible.

Invigorate Your Co-Worker Relationships (From a Distance)!

It’s likely that you have some acquaintances or even really close friends that developed from working in the same environment. Figure out ways to inspire those relationships while social distancing.

Check-in with them from a safe distance while in the office. Connect with them on social media or send them a daily text to make sure they are okay. Even if you can’t hug or high five your cubicle buddy, you can still support them through tough times.

Protect Yourself and Others

Make sure you are practicing good sanitation methods in the office. Wash your hands frequently, especially before and after touching questionable surfaces. Wipe down and sanitize your work station periodically. Utilize Personal Protection Equipment when necessary.

Wear Personal Protection Equipment

Make sure to incorporate all of the posted safety procedures at work. If you are required to wear a mask when you leave your desk, make sure you do. Wearing a face shield to protect yourself in the event that someone coughs or sneezes in your direction.

Shoe covers can help prevent the spread of germs that made their way onto the floor, especially once you go home for the day.

Even if you are healthy, you need to stick to the safety procedures. Don’t think that you aren’t spreading germs even if you don’t feel the symptoms.

The Main Goal is to Protect the People In an Office

When it comes to other people in an office, it’s important to choose your actions wisely. Think about how your actions will affect others as much as how their actions will affect you.

Don’t go to work sick. This is the best way to make sure you don’t spread any germs to your boss or colleagues.

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