Office Perks That Employees Want in 2022


The pandemic changed the workplace environment for many industries. One of the biggest changes was remote work. With offices closed and a variety of safety concerns, much of the office workers had to learn how to work from home. Virtual meetings using Google meet office background became the norm, and in-person collaboration was pretty much unheard of.

Although many companies have already had their employees return to the office, it is expected that many more will transition back to that arrangement this year. After working remotely for so long, many workers have realized that they want more from the companies they work for. To foster a more positive workplace environment, employers may want to consider implementing some new office perks.

Transition Back to the Office

Although some people are ready to get back to the office and more normalcy, some have come to love the flexibility and convenience of working from home. As employers begin to ask employees to come back, they may want to think about how they can incorporate more flexibility into scheduling. Allowing for a couple days a week for remote work, or allowing employees to choose the hours in which they work, may result in happier workers and better productivity.

If it is possible, employers may wish to offer remote work options for those who want them. Virtual meetings using a custom Google meet background make this easy, especially if companies focus on improving technical infrastructure.

Foster a Better Work Culture

Whether working back in the office, or continuing remotely, many employees are seeking an improved work culture. The mental health of many workers has suffered quite a bit over the last two years, and fostering overall wellbeing should be a focus of those who want to get and retain great employees. Isolation and loneliness have become issues for many working from home. For those who are still working from home, consider offering immersive view Zoom backgrounds so that they feel like they are in the same room with their colleagues.

A basic foundation for building better work culture is to show respect and appreciation towards all staff members, regardless of their title. Employers should also encourage diversity and inclusivity to make the workplace a more inviting environment. They should also encourage and support a healthy work-life balance.

Provide Nontraditional Perks

Although employees still want traditional financial benefits such as health insurance, sick pay, retirement savings plan, and bonuses, there are additional perks that many employees are wanting:

  • Company-sponsored child care or child care reimbursement
  • Employee discount programs
  • Mental health services
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Space for relaxation or short nap times
  • Weekly office-sponsored lunches
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks

For companies that are requiring employees to return to the office, fostering a positive work environment and providing perks that employees really want can help motivate them to want to come back and enjoy working as a team again. Employees that continue to work remotely still want to feel like a part of the office and appreciate perks as well.


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