What Can You Do With No Money?


If your finances aren’t great at the moment, and you have no money life can somehow seem out of reach. There is plenty that you can still do when you don’t have a dime to your name.

What can you do with no money?

You might think that your options are very limited and that you’ll just be stuck at home staring at the same four walls until you get some cash, but there is plenty that you can do to either get money or for free.

Here’s a handy guide for what to do when you have no money at all.

How to Get Money Fast

If you’re in need of money quickly for any reason, then there are ways that you can find some.

  • Look at selling some unwanted items on selling sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace
  • Having a yard sale will help you clear out your home and make a few dollars in the process
  • Read about how you can take out a loan without a credit check at Bonsaifinance.com
  • Take some paid surveys online
  • Join a freelancing site such as Fiverr
  • Rent out your spare room on Airbnb

Of course, there is plenty that you can enjoy without the need for money at all.

6 Fun Things to Do With No Money

Here are six fun things you can try. All of them are free to do.

1Head to the Local Library

If you want to read but can’t afford to buy any new books, why not borrow them from the library? Borrowing books is free. You never know what you might find.


This fun free activity only requires the use of a smartphone or GPS device. Simply follow coordinates and hunt down hidden treasure.

3Get into Community Sports

There are plenty of small sports teams out there that need your support. Head to your local sports field and see what’s on.

4Play Some Board Games

You probably have a home full of things that you can do to amuse yourself, playing board games can be lots of fun. Be careful though, games can be competitive-  don’t get fall out with your family over a game

5Invite Some Friends Over

Life is always better when you’ve got company. Invite some friends round and play some games or just catch up.

6Head to the Museum

Many museums are free to enter. Find out which are free in your area and make it your mission to visit them all

Of course, there is plenty more that you can do without having to spend a dime; you’ll just need the imagination to do it.

What Can You Do With No Money?

What can you do with no money? The answer is that you can do quite a lot.

Don’t let a lack of cash spoil your day; find free activities around your area to enjoy. And, get creative when it comes to finding ways to make money when you need it the most.

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