The NHL: Four Things We Have Learnt So Far in 2019


2019 has been a good year so far for the NHL and no more so for Thornton. If you want to catch up with exactly what’s been going on so far this year, then look no further.

Thornton’s Moving Up with His All-Time Assists

Joe Thornton is one of the NHL’s most famous and well-known players, and after 21 years playing the sport, he has officially reached ninth on the list for the number of all-time assists he has gained. Throughout his career so far, the 39-year-old has managed to raise his numbers to a whopping 407-1,049—1,456, sitting ninth on the NHL’s list alongside Gordie Howe. The difference is Thornton managed this in just 1,540 games whilst Howe took 1,767 games to achieve this.

Dahlin Is Young and Fearless

Rasmus Dahlin of the Buffalo Sabres can be pretty proud of himself right now. Dahlin is just 18, but he has become the fifth defenseman in NHL history to score a whopping 30 points. As long as he plays out the season, he may surpass fifth and become second on the list. All of this before he has even turned 19, this kid is up and coming in the NHL world. If you want to learn how to break records but you aren’t ready for the ice just yet, why not try roller skating? Purchasing the right pair of roller skates can assist in you improving your balance and becoming a pro before picking up a hockey stick.

Hart’s on Fire

Carter Hart is another young player who is showing a lot of promise. The Flyers goalkeeper has a winning streak of 8-0-0 following his previous eight appearances beginning on January 14th, 2019. Hart is the second player to reach such a high streak before the age of 21, matched only by Jocelyn Thibault over 24 years ago. The Flyers are looking to be reaching for a wild-card spot, only being six points away from achieving this.

The Battle Between Leafs and Canadiens Goes On

The game between Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs was thrilling to watch and with second place at stake, it was no wonder this game needed over an hour of gameplay. The Leafs have beaten the Canadiens six times in a row now and have four consecutive wins so far this season. Tavares scored the winning goal in overtime, a rare and spectacular accomplishment for Toronto Maple Leafs. Three of the six games fought by these two teams ended with overtime, leaving fans curious as to whether they could be set to go against each other in a playoff series. If this is the case, the fans of both teams would be in for a nail-biting game.

These young players are setting the bar high in the NHL in 2019 and fans have had a lot to watch and celebrate. With the Leafs showing they are not going down without a fight, and Thornton looking to improve his all-time assists further, 2019 in the NHL is off to a good start.


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