Why Should Learning Be A Natural Process?


Till recent past, learning was more of a natural process and considerably less emphasis was given on cramming material from the books. Our ancestors used to learn more from the experience of their teachers and elders. Today, if we see, the case is totally reverse. Less emphasis is given to adopting learning as a natural process while more stress is given on mugging up data from the books. Overall mental development of a person is drastically compromised in this case.

According to recent research, children tend to grasp more from their after-school activities rather than in-school bookish teaching methodology. That’s why more after-school learning institutions are coming up who teach children according to a curriculum which is more aligned towards learning in a natural way. However, one institution which has truly adopted teaching in a natural manner is Helen Doron English. It is a global institution with over 30 years of success in teaching English to children of all ages. Helen Doron English Teachers follow a spiral learning based methodology in which a subject is taught slowly and repetitively, fortifying the facts over time. Spiral based learning is an advanced model of education that supports the natural learning accomplishments.

The Natural Learning Process in Children

Children learn a variety of things in various ways from their external environment. Today the fact which has been forgotten is that learning and education is not a thing which can happen only in the walls of an academic building.

One must understand that instead of focusing on learning the answers to some pre-defined questions emphasis must be laid on adopting ways through which children can consistently broaden their mind’s horizon and improve their abilities.

The present education system is more aligned towards constantly testing children over a set of same data which is expected of each and every kid to mug up. By giving ranks children are compared to one another; leaving behind the fact completely that no two persons can be same. Everybody has their own talents and skills. Instead of making a child recognize his/ her talent and skills; focus is laid on cramming up text-book data. This creativity and problem-solving ability of children is actually getting suppressed. That’s why the major percentage of kids hate going to school because learning has been made artificial and kids find it uninteresting.

If it is seen carefully then one will understand that whatever children are doing after school; whether it is playing guitar, horse-riding, swimming or dancing; they are actually learning in a much better way as they love doing those things. The brain and heart actively participate together in doing things what a child loves to do. Children are actually becoming skillful this way. Compared to a kid who always tops in examinations as he/ she knows a set of pre-defined data; a kid who develops his/ her talents and skillful abilities will do much better in applying knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Hence, the need of the hour is developing education models which focus more on the natural process of learning so that children are raised in an environment where they are given enough exposure to develop their skills and abilities in a meaningful way.


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