7 Downright Myths About Titanium Rings That Need to Be Busted


Titanium is a metal that seems to come right off the comic books. While it’s a not as strong as vibranium (a fictitious metal created by Marvel), it has some near-mythical properties. Barring its countless industrial uses, titanium is now a popular metal used in jewelry making. Instead of gold and platinum, many men choose to wear titanium wedding rings when marrying their partners. There is a lot of information available about this metal on the internet. Some of them are true while others a downright myth. To help you know better about this amazing metal, following are 7 popular myths about titanium wedding rings.

It’s a Newly Discovered Metal

Considering it was discovered back in 1791 by a member of the British clergy, Reverend William Gregor, it cannot fit the bill to be called “recently discovered”.

It’s Extremely Rare

On the contrary, titanium is actually abundantly found in the Earth’s crust. In fact, it makes up for 0.61% of the Earth’s crust and is considered the 9th most abundantly available element. Now, if a jewelry store tries to convince you that titanium is rare, you know what to say.

Titanium Rings Cannot Have Engravings

Titanium is pretty hard, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be engraved. Titanium is not as malleable as other metal options such as gold or silver, but jewelers do have engraving tools that can get the job done. Therefore, this is a pure myth.

Titanium Rings Are Impossible to Cut During Emergencies

We have all heard this one before. The myth goes like this, titanium is so strong that it’s impossible to cut and may force medical practitioners to resort to finger amputation in case of an emergency procedure. This again is a myth. Most emergency rooms are equipped with ring cutting equipment and tools that can cut through titanium.

Wedding Rings Made from Titanium Cannot Be Resized

There is a certain degree of truth to this myth. Titanium wedding rings are indeed difficult to resize. In fact, titanium rings can only be resized if you want it bigger. Titanium ring makers resize the ring by shaving off a layer of the metal from the inner surface of the ring to create more space for the finger. While it’s difficult, resizing titanium rings is possible.

Titanium Wedding Rings Cannot Be Scratched

The hardness of the surface makes items made from titanium naturally scratch resistant. However, that doesn’t mean that the metal can resist all scratches. Given the right pressure and the hardness of object it rubs off against, titanium can indeed get scratched.

Wearing Titanium Improves Health

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this one is completely bogus. No one really knows where this myth originated from but it’s certainly not true. There have been no studies that conclusively prove the health benefits of wearing titanium. Some experts believe that patients may feel better after wearing titanium just like they do after having placebo pills.


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