6 Must Have Gym Equipment to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle


The easiest to say and most difficult to-do task is, hitting the gym!

We all have someone in our life who keeps on saying that he will hit the gym but doesn’t accomplish their sayings.

The core reason behind this is the travel factor. Most of us hate traveling to the gym, and it is ruining our lifestyle. Also, some individuals aren’t able to satisfy the annual gym memberships that cost a whopping amount.

If you are facing the same situation and want to shed some weight, while gaining muscle, then you should consider getting some gym equipment at home.

Setting up a minimalistic gym inside your house will help you in curtailing the hassles of traveling to the gym while avoiding the membership fee.

All of your beloved family members can practice on the same gym equipment without stepping outside the home.

Here are six essential gym machines for your home


We all have seen treadmills in the fitness studios as it is one of the most crucial gym equipment. Whether you are looking to reduce some weight, or your primary objective is to stay healthy, you need a treadmill with multiple functionalities.

The ultra-modern treadmills cost a lot, and some of them are unaffordable for the layman. So the best thing you can do is taking a treadmill on rent.

There is a myriad of companies out there that have facilities to get the latest treadmill on rent and other parts of the country at affordable prices.

Stationary Bikes

Other essential gym equipment in the fleet is the stationary bike. The range of stationary bike or cycle is extensive, and it is hard to purchase the right one. This gym equipment is perfect for the people who are keen on cycling but are unable to cycle around.

Also, the individuals who are prescribed cycling activities by their doctors should get a stationary bike for obtaining the desired amount of muscle activity in their home.


If you are serious about your fitness regimen, then add a rower to your gym collection. Rowers are renowned as full body workout machines and consume very less space. You can keep a rower around any place in your house and can perform full-body cardio round the go.

Exercising bench

Exercising is never easy without a cushioned exercise bench. Make sure that you are choosing the quintessential bench, as it has to support your weight along with the additional weight you are purposely carrying.

Always try to go with branded products that are celebrated on global levels. Buying an inexpensive and downgrade bench can land you in serious troubles and can harm you with many injuries.

A set of dumbbells

Dumbbells are the best friend of a gym freak, and a significant part about dumbbells is that these are not too expensive. You can easily purchase dumbbells for your requirements, and based on the weight factor.

Check the quality material and grip of the dumbbells and go with the option that offers decent grip around your hand and is resistant to any wears and tears.

A balance ball

Lastly, keeping a balance ball in your house gym will append a charm to it. Balance balls can be used for multiple exercises and are beneficial for people of all age groups. You can easily purchase a balance ball from the nearest fitness store or can order it online.

Why investing in home gym equipment is a real deal?

As per a survey report it was concluded that more than 65% of gym memberships remain unused!

The reason behind this is poor time management. People are not able to cope up with the city hustles, and the growing traffic is making the scenario worst.

Staying fit is indispensable, and the only thing that looks accessible is getting a small gym at your home. The cost of all the gym accessories isn’t too high if you make the right choice.

The only equipment that is exorbitant is a treadmill and exercising bike, but you can get these two without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here’s how to get these?

If the only equipment you are lacking is a treadmill, then there is good news for you.

Some companies have commenced the services of giving treadmills on rent in Gurgaon. This means that you can get the latest treadmill at your home on a monthly rental basis. Isn’t it amazing?

What are the benefits of renting a treadmill?

The benefit of renting a treadmill is not just limited to saving huge bucks; here are some other benefits you will get as complementary.

No troubles of installation

Installing a treadmill may sound an easy job, but it is not! You have to be 100% sure that it is installed appropriately and is ready to use. While renting a treadmill, there are no troubles of installation. The renting companies have their own workforce that reaches your doorstep and installs the machine in the right way.

No service costs

A significant expense that is magnetized by the treadmill is the regular service cost. You have to keep the treadmill in a topnotch and working condition because it has various moving parts.

Getting a treadmill on rent will help you in curtailing the service costs. The service and maintenance is carried out by the renting agencies.

Rent a treadmill, just with a touch

You can rent a treadmill by a few magical touches. The gym equipment rental companies have the functionality to place orders online. All you have to do is follow a quick and crisp ordering process, and get your treadmill installed at the earliest.

Final words

Owning gym equipment is the right step towards attaining excellent fitness. It is advised that you should spend a minimum of 60 minutes on exercise a day. And spending this timeframe becomes real easier when you have all the essential equipment at your home.


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