5 MS Pain Management Solutions to Help With Quality of Life


Nearly 1 million people are living with MS in the United States alone. Having Multiple Sclerosis makes daily life challenging and painful; that is why understanding MS pain management is crucial to improving the quality of life in those who suffer from MS.

If you suffer from MS, we are here to help by showing you 5 expert tips for pain management while living with MS. Let’s get started!

1Reduce Stress

Stress and pain go hand in hand, but if you don’t manage one, the other gets worse! Stress can make flare-ups of pain last longer, and feel more painful, so managing your stress is crucial in the pain management process.

Listening to calming music or meditating can help reduce stress. Additionally, one of the health benefits of medical marijuana is stress reduction, which might be an avenue to explore.

2Strong Support

Chronic pain management can be polarizing. Those who suffer from chronic pain often feel alone and misunderstood, so joining a support group with others who are dealing with chronic pain could help you feel heard, and it could help you learn pain management coping skills from others in similar situations.

3Eliminate Vices

When managing chronic pain, people often turn to vices such as alcohol or tobacco; however, these vices can exacerbate your MS. In fact, for those with MS, regular drinking could lead to further neurological issues down the road.

Tobacco use can increase your risk of circulation issues. Additionally, using tobacco will increase your chances of getting cancer or heart disease, leading to more pain and suffering.

4Journal Your Pain

Journaling is a crucial part of chronic pain management for those with MS. When you keep a journal, you can track your flare-ups, helping you understand what you can do to manage them better.

Keeping track of your pain level and feelings can help your doctor create a treatment plan for you as well. Be sure to bring your journal with you to your visits.

5Diet and Exercise

Healing starts within, so following a balanced and nutritious diet is essential to managing your chronic pain. Light exercise can help you with MS pain management as well. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are proven to help reduce pain levels.

Never push yourself harder than you can manage though. It is important that you listen to your body and know your limits. Additionally, consult your physician before you begin your diet and exercise regime.

MS Pain Management 

These 5 simple tips for MS pain management can help you take control of your chronic pain. Remember, pain can be managed; it just takes a little practice and a lot of support, so be sure to stay open with your family, friends, and doctors about your condition so you can start feeling better today!

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