7 Men’s Staples That Never Go Out Of Style!


Fashion is fickle! It’s evolving; wear something that was in trend one year back, and you will get laughed out the next year.

Items like boot cut jeans that were in rage some years before look silly today, but no piece of clothing has the power to top the versatility of the white button-down shirt.

Furthermore, trends come and go, but only the true men’s classic’s stood the time test. So, whether its 90’s or 20’s, have a look at the following sartorial combinations that continue to infiltrate in the men’s wardrobe:

A Denim Shirt

A cool, chambray shirt is one of the most casual and comfortable pieces of attire that will go perfectly with casual outfits. Single pocket or the double one, just pick chambray that perfect fit and is light in color. Team it with your favorite blazer or carry them with denim or chinos and leather brogues for a relaxed and comfortable feel.


A coat beyond the waistline makes the staple item of the fall/winter wardrobe. Originated back in the 17th century in Europe, the overcoat was previously a formal piece that was worn over the suit to stay protected from the harsh weather. However, today, they have become a fashion piece that is more casual and trendy. Wear them over an expensive suit or use to layer over a text t-shirt with something inscribed like Ronald Reagan I smell hippies t-shirt.

A Classic Neckwear

Colorful Neckwear, men’s scarfs and ties are still not dead. Go back to some hundred years back and think what did the Croats used to wear? A bright textured neck chief, similar to what militants wear. Neckwear is used to splash some brightness in the often drab male wardrobe. Let’s say a red necktie is to show confidence; purple is for royalty, however white with black stripes and navy is to military heritage in one’s life. Apart from that, scarfs can also bring color to the otherwise dull suit. They draw eyes toward your face and chest.

A Classic Suit

The suit is one of the most classic and versatile colors of men’s wardrobe. They are timeless and can go perfectly for all occasions. As a work attire, you can pick the blue color or lilac colored shirt under the classic grey suit. For weekends or casual look, pick a white shirt with the open collar along with sneakers, and you are good to go.

Raw Denim

Denim originated back in 1873 when the sturdy attire become the formal workwear for men’s. But, later in the Fifties, it got the subcultural significance that it still rules the fashion world. A plain white tee or a formal white shirt with the rolled cuffs and sneakers would make you look dapper. Layer the outfit with the jacket with the tucked-in shirt and framed tan belt!

Oxford Lace-Ups

A sleek, solid and classic pair of leather shoes is to combine the man’s outfit.  Their smart and closed lacing system makes them the perfect choice to carry them in formal looks. Its relaxed fit, and streamlined pattern give them a more casual look.  You can even look for its brogue version if you want the punch-hole pattern as a decorative thing on the shoe surface.

White Sneakers

Sneakers have been the staple piece that lasts more than just a sports luxe trend.  They have officially set free the gym look and has become the most important piece in men’s wardrobe. Pair them with the casual jeans or tees, or team it with a casual blazer and chinos for a casual fit. Also, keep the sneakers low- cut and grab the leather one with little to no color prints or panels.

Now that you got why some items are classic, and others are just for embracing the heap of your closet.


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